SKIN: Indy in Dark ({.essences.})
EYES: Beaute in Warm Kiss (Agnes Finney) - Coming August 4th at the Vintage Fair 2012!
LIPSTICK: LipColor Matte in Princess Rehab (PIDIDDLE)
HAIR: Lotte in Walnut [of Nuts pack] (Maitreya)
NAILS: Drop Dead Red Manicure Prim Nails (*Sexy Mamas*)

TOP: Retro Sweater in Orange / Teal (*Tea Time*)
SHOES: Fae in Black ([Pixel Mode])

NECKLACE: The Coin Collector Jewelry Set (*League*) - set includes earrings, necklace and bracelet
BAG: Lang Suede Satchel in Dark Brown (PRISS) - customer appreciate gift; store closed

POSES: -no wow-


I'm SO excited about the Vintage Fair 2012 (VF2012) that runs from August 4th until August 29th! We're all in for a treat because the list of participating designers is pretty handsome and plenty hefty. There are over 250 of them! Use this page and this page to keep up with the VF2012! The latter page is the home page for the CHIC Management website; thus, you can use it to keep up with updates from CHIC in general.

VF2012 is sponsored by Aura, Belleza, Indyra Originals, oOo Studios, Cheeky Pea, ColdLogic, GizzA, Tromp Loeil, and PurpleMoon Creations, and, of course, those brands are also offering amazing products at the Fair. Over the next few days, I'll be showing you just what you can get at the Fair. I've already started; these eyes are so fabulous. I got the brown pack, but there are also other color packs, such as blue, green and fantasy colors. If the latter three are anything like my brown pack, you'll get 18 sets of eyes. That's three sizes (S/M/L) for each of six variations for the color you choose! 
A demain...


Day Out


SKIN: Indy in Dark ({.essences.})
EYES: Brown Eyes 01 [of Realistic Eyes Set BAG] (Vanilla C. Designs) - store closed
LIPSTICK: Lola Lipstick in Red ({Handmade})
HAIR: Renata in Monochrome 5 [of Monochrome pack] (ISON) - HF2012 item!
HAIRBASE: Twilight (Exile)
NAILS: Drop Dead Red Manicure Prim Nails (*Sexy Mamas*)

TOP: Cross Indie Elegant Top (Lapin Rose) - NEW!!!
SHORTS: Cross Shorts in Acid (.::PiCHi::.) - previous Kawaii Fair item!
SHOES: Night Lolita in Chocolate (::Lethal Couture::)

EARRINGS: Gatcha Disk Earrings in GoldN'Silver (Shakeup!) - only 20L per play!
BRACELET Ankh'd and Beaded Bracelet, Black Wood (-B L E U-
BAG: NO, YOU BOYS... in Brown ([DDL])

POSES: Marukin (Available NOW at July C88), Olive Juice and (pda)


B L E U is a new store, only about two months old. But, already, Jelani Tehani has created an impressive store inventory. For now, and perhaps for the duration of her ownership of B L E U, there is no inworld store. Thus, in the credits, I've provided a link to her MP store.

I didn't get to ask the owners of Lapin Rose (two sisters) whether or not LR was a new store, but I assume it is (or that it's back after being gone). At the store, there's a small but awesome selection of shoes, shirts and dresses.

I'm excited about both these presumably new stores! For being so young, they both display such promise and such "Inferna-must-have" potential! :P I cannot want to see what's in store.

These PiCHi shorts are still available in five colors at the mainstore. Each color is 125L.
Yours truly may be getting a new job, after over two months of being unemployed. I'm off to find out if the company with which I interviewed on Friday has made a decision today, as they said they would have a decision today. Wish me luck!

A demain...


American Girl


SKIN: Indy in Dark ({.essences.})
EYES: Brown Eyes 01 [of Realistic Eyes Set BAG] (Vanilla C. Designs) - store closed
LIPSTICK: Sasha Lipstick in Cello (Shakeup!)
HAIR: Elvira in Charcoal [of Black pack] (**Pocket Mirrors**)
HAIRBASE: Black (*booN)
NAILS: Drop Dead Red Manicure Prim Nails (*Sexy Mamas*)

OUTFIT: i(heart)Unity, USA (Indyra Originals) - NEW!!!
SHOES: Booties in Black Reptile (BAX)

EARRINGS Dip Dye Earrings ([glow]) - previous TDR item!
TIE: Tied (::Amorous::)
BRACELET Chimera (::Amorous::)

POSES: [DDL], PurplePoses and (pda)
 How frickin' awesome is this NEW getup from Indyra Originals!?! And you have several countries from which to choose: Australia, China, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Russia, South Korea aaaand USA!

It comes with the top (in the standard mesh sizes), shorts (not mesh) and socks (not mesh and in four versions, with black, red, blue and white stripes). You also get, of course, a requisite alpha layer. Then, you get an optional lower alpha and, my favorite, a texture-change hairband. The hairband didn't go that well with the Elvira hairstyle, buuuuttt for you...

 UGH! So cute!

I'm wearing this long hair from lamb called Blush (in Snickers) so that you can properly see the headband. Touch the bow and you get, not only a resizer menu, but also a choice of seven different colors (for just the bow part, not the headband).
It sounds unbelievable, but you get the entire outfit for a mere 325L. It awaits you here!

And what can I say about Indy? I'm in love with Indy. She's definitely in my "favorites" folder. 

Lastly, it's 4:28am here. Perhaps I get too excited about SL fashion, yeah? I blame it on the two cups of coffee and Indyra Seigo (of Indyra Originals) and Inka Mexicola (of Essences). My fiance says I am like a toddler in that I fight sleep for no apparent reason. Maybe... 

Well, now I'm just rambling and stalling. Sorry. Enjoy shopping!!

A demain...

EDIT: I now remember what I forgot to tell you! Indyra Originals has this awesome policy whereby group members receive 50L in store credit for each purchase of a new release!




SKIN: Indy in Dark ({.essences.})
EYES: Brown Eyes 01 [of Realistic Eyes Set BAG] (Vanilla C. Designs) - store closed
LIPSTICK: Lara Lipstick in Wine (Shakeup!)
HAIR: Stabilizer II [of Monochrome pack] (epoque) - Available NOW at HF2012 until tomorrow!
NAILS: Classic Nails (Izzie's)
DRESS: Banded Dress in Whipped Cream (tulip.) - 07/27/2012 FLF item!
SHOES: Starwalk Platform in Royal Blue (::Lethal Couture::)

EARRINGS Paisley (Amorous)
SCARF:  Natasha 10 (Shakeup!)
BRACELET Native Daydream [of set including earrings and bracelet] (Yummy)

POSES: .Pekka. (previous Stuff in Stock item) and  **Frozen**


YES! The Indy skin has finally been released! 1500L will get you eight skins inside the pack (four hairbase and eyebrow options - blonde, red, brunette and brown) and two eyebrow shapers! Also, for an additional 250L each, you can get cleavage and lipsticks. For an additional 650, you can get a modifiable shape. Eyeliners, eyeshadows and freckles are coming soon!

Oh, how I love this dress! It's so simple yet so perfect. There was (and maybe still is?) another color available for FLF, a rose colored version. But I almost never get white dresses. So I wanted a change! I think I made the right decision. 

I also love the scarf that you can get at the Shakeup! Accessories MP store.  I couldn't decide whether I liked the look with or without the scarf better. I like both, so I included a photo without the scarf.

Finally, I'm sure you notice that I wear the Starwalk Platforms a lot. I just love them. In fact, out of all the pairs of shoes I have, these are my absolute favorite. I have them in all colors and, thus, I can pair them with mostly everything. The accompanying HUD lets you change the colors of the wood and the zipper. 

Well, I'm off to drink more coffee at 10:34pm!

A demain...




SKIN: Love_Smoked in Cocoa ([Illusory])
EYES: Brown Eyes 01 [of Realistic Eyes Set BAG] (Vanilla C. Designs) - store closed
LIPSTICK: Love Lips in Burnt Red ([Illusory]) - including in Love skin pack!
HAIR: Magdalen in Bournville [of Dark Brunettes pack] (LeLutka) - Available NOW at HF2012!
NAILS: Classic Nails (Izzie's)

BODYSUIT: Bandage Suit in Orange (ISON)
SHOES: Starwalk Platform in Dark Indigo (::Lethal Couture::)

EARRINGS: Azhfey ([DDL]) - group gift!
BRACELET: Bangle in Fucsia (Gems & Kisses) - previous Cyber Hunt item!
NECKLACE: Ambrosia Collar (Zibska) - Structure Your Skin group gift for May 2012!
CLUTCH: Summer in Miami Clutch (:::Le Primitif:::) - previous Perfect Wardrobe item!

POSES: -no wow- and Purple Poses


I took these pictures inside of an offensively beautiful demo at the Rustica store. It's called "Maison de Ville." 

I decided to change up my skin since I've bombarded you with Indy in the past few days. HOWEVER, I'll probably see Indy again tomorrow because she has finally been loosed! Get your own Indy at Essences now!

A demain...




SKIN: Indy in Dark ({.essences.}) - Coming Soon!
EYES: Brown Eyes 01 [of Realistic Eyes Set BAG] (Vanilla C. Designs) - store closed
LIPSTICK: Lip Matte in CherryKiss [of Red Lipsticks pack] (*Leafy)
HAIR: SJ in Bournville [of Dark Brunettes pack] (LeLutka)
NAILS: Classic Nails (Izzie's)

TOP: Love My Boy Blue (1965) - previous Javachip item! store closed (?)
SKIRT: Leopard High Waist Skirt in Grey ({SMS})
SOCKS:  Lace Knit Socks in Chocolate (The Secret Store) - each color only 35L at mainstore!
SHOES: Girl Panic Boots in Brown (ISON)
BRACELET: Cuff [of Tess Collection] (JW Jewelers) - previous hunt item!
BAG: Reid Hand Carry Bag in Red (PRISS) - store closed
SHADES: Kiss Me I'm French, Classic (ShadZ)

POSES: dfo!, Label Motion and [DDL]


I can't find 1965 anywhere! I have stalked Mathylda Valeska's profile, blog, and the only SLurl provided to the mainstore. It's nowhere to be found! If you know of another store location, please let me know!

A demain...


Lay Me Down in Shallow Earth


SKIN: Indy in Dark ({.essences.}) - Coming Soon!
EYES: Gazing Balls in Silver [of 5-pack] (MIASNOW)
LIPSTICK: Lipcolor Matte in I Have a Secret [of Imma Diva Collection] (PIDIDDLE)
HAIR: Mavis in Blackcherry [of Blacks pack] (::Exile::)
NAILS: Classic Nails (Izzie's)

BODYSUIT: Red Demon Heroine (Vita's Boudoir)
SHOES: Natalie Croco Pumps in Charcoal (ALEIDA) - store closed

CLAW: Lacerated (::Amorous::)
BRACELET: Samsara in Silver (::Amorous::)
EARRINGS: Vampiress Earrings [of set including earrings, bracelets, and necklace] (:::Anno Domini:::)
FANGS: Sculpted Fangs (Sensations)
POSES: dfo!, GLITTERATI and **frozen**


Oh! I know this entry is pretty picture heavy, but I liked so many of the original shots! Hey, give me some credit; there was originally 15. I did my best!

I plan to run to Vita's Boudoir (sometimes called "Boudoir") to see if this bodysuit is still available for sale. It was created and/or made available for purchase for last Halloween. Thus, I'm not sure if it's available at the store generally, or if it was special for Halloween 2011. I promise to check and update! UPDATE: You can purchase Red Demon Heroine! It's on the second floor for 350L!

Ah, and the awesome thing about these earrings, from the Vampiress set, is that ... they are animated! Blood flows inside the earrings. /crypt keeper cackle.

I've been waiting for so long to pair the Lacerated claw with something. FINALLY! And all this because I listened to my favorite band of all time, My Dying Bride, and its wonderful "The Blue Lotus."

A demain...




SKIN: Indy in Dark ({.essences.}) - Coming Soon!
EYES: Enchanting Eyes in Dark Brown (Nana Minuet)
LIPSTICK: Sasha Lipstick in Cherrywood + Teeth A (Shakeup!)
HAIR: Bruna in Waldorf [of Brunette Tones pack] (.: vive9 :.) - Available at Cupcake sim ONLY!
 HAIRBASE: Onyx (Amacci)
NAILS: Classic Nails (Izzie's)

TOP: Azie Top in Sunset Ombre (.MarieDoll.) - MESH; Available NOW at fi*Fridays!
SHORTS: Sparklez Skirt in Purple Absinthe (FAB.PONY) - EVERYTHING only 30L at closing sale!
LEGGINGS: Patterned Tights II, Stripes (Izzie's)
SHOES: Flower Flats in Brown (Izzie's)

NECKLACE: Wanderer in Oak [of set including bracelet, earrings, and necklace] (*League*)
RING: Bonbon Ring (LaGyo) - past TDR item!

POSES: Olive Juice, -no wow-, GLITTERATI, and (pda)


Bruna is only at the Cupcake vive9 store because it's an older style. All older vive9 hairstyles are located at the Cupcake sim. And that reminds me; there's a hair sale going on at vive 9 now. Sanya needs room for more hairs, so the hairs at the mainstore are only 100L! GO GET 'EM!

Also, WHY are SL hands so UGLY?? :P

A demain...




SKIN: Indy in Dark ({.essences.}) - Coming Soon!
EYES: Enchanting Eyes in Dark Brown (Nana Minuet)
LIPSTICK: Bright Matte Lipstick in Eggplant (Shakeup!)
HAIR: Charmaine in Sangria [of Reds pack] (Truth)
 HAIRBASE: Sangria (Truth)
NAILS: Drop Dead Red Manicure Prim Nails (*Sexy Mamas*)

TOP: Mesh Top Cersei in Latte (Emery) - MESH
SHORTS: Shorts - Minx in Brown ({mon tissu})
SHOES: Natalie Croco Pumps in Sapphire (ALEIDA) - previous group gift; store closed

WATCH: TROUPE Watch in Brights (*MIEL*) - previous FLF item!
RING: Rogue's Mesh Tribal Ring (Rotten Defiance) - current subscribo gift!
BAG: Greta Fashion Clutch (ALEIDA) - previous group gift; store closed
POSES: marukin (available NOW at C88), Label Motion, and (pda) 


I'm standing at the beautiful Twomoons Island sim and at the JASstore. I love this quirky, picturesque sim. It's got MIASNOW, La Malvada Mujer, and JASstore. I've added the creator for the JASstore, Jasmine Lisle, to the list in my last entry. In the past, she has been a sweetheart to me. If you visit her store, you'll most likely want to purchase everything inside. That's my warning to you. That spotted tree behind me in the above pictures? I bought the ten pack some time ago because they are SO cute.

Unfortunately, it's not wise to visit the Twomoons Island sim with 159L (as yours truly did). It was torture because I couldn't buy a fraction of what I wanted to buy!

A demain...


Your River


SKIN: Indy in Dark ({.essences.}) - Coming Soon!
EYES: Enchanting Eyes in Dark Brown (Nana Minuet)
LIPSTICK: Matte Purrriwinkle Blue / No Teeth [of Imma Diva Collection]  (PIDIDDLE)
HAIR: Sunday in Brunette 4 [of Brunette A pack] (fd) - Available NOW at the HF2012!
HAIRBASE: Treacle (Truth)
NAILS: Drop Dead Red Manicure Prim Nails (*Sexy Mamas*)

TOP: Tee (Peqe) - previous Platinum Hunt item!
BOTTOMS: MetallicTrim Jean 3 (\/Remy\/)
SHOES: D'Ann Pumps in Coral, Limited Edition (::Hucci::) - previous subscribo gift!

HEADBAND: My Bunny Band in Sackdong ([monso]) - previous Bombi (Spring Rain) event item!
BRACELET: Friendo (*MIEL*) - previous FLF item!
BAG: No, You Boys... in Brown ([DDL]) - NEW!!!

POSES: Olive Juice and -no wow-


I had to make another look for this skin. The third picture - the closeup - really shows why you'll have to get this skin when it debuts. It's simply beautiful.

Usually, items that were part of a past event ("previous FLF item") are still available for sale. However, creators often make special items for hunts. That doesn't mean that a previous hunt item is not currently available for sale; it just means there is a chance that this is the case. Please do check the creator's stores, MP pages (if available), or just ask the creator!

Speaking of "asking the creator," and I have probably said this before, do NOT be afraid to ask questions! I used to be this way. I felt that, as a customer, relying on the talent of the creator and needing something, I was probably a bother. But I have been so fortunate as to have mostly pleasant and fruitful exchanges with SL creators. I can say, with conviction, that most designers in SL are very friendly and interested in what you have to say. Out of all the interactions I have had with designers, and believe me, there have been a LOT of them, only perhaps two of those were bad ones. And one of those was just because the designer ignored me, meaning the wrong act was more an act of omission rather than commission. And the second one? I requested a refund, and after an argument (exchange of differing accounts, not a yelling match), I was refunded 67% of the linden I spent.

I'd like to thank the following people. They have been more than patient, gracious, and downright sweet:

Matchbook Monday (of Amorous)
Izzie Button (of Izzie's)
Inka Mexicola (of Essences)
Evangeline Miles (of Evie's Closet)
Drinkinstein Sorbet (of The Sea Hole)
Bubbles Clawtooth (of Clawtooth)
Ele Brandi (of Modish)
Jasmine Lisle (of JAStore)
Aimee Novo (of EiDOLAN Skins)
Maya Toki-Doki (of TokiDoki)
Bee Dumpling (of The White Armory)
Truth Hawks (of Truth)
Vivienne Daguerre (of Black Rose)
Karla Marama (of Pr!tty)

I have a feeling that these are only a few of the people I should be thanking. But some people helped me probably a year ago, and I'm just a 1.5 years old! Vivienne, for example, helped me to find a legitimate SL hennin, since you couldn't find one of those ANYWHERE. Well, you couldn't find a good one. That was probably three months or so into my SL experience. 

For each of these designers, I simply reached out. They are great, sweet people! If you have a question or concern, don't be afraid to ask! The outcome may be more positive than you could have ever imagined. SO DO IT!

A demain...



SKIN: Indy in Dark ({.essences.}) - Coming Soon!
EYES: Enchanting Eyes in Dark Brown (Nana Minuet)
LIPSTICK: Lara Lipstick in Strawberry (Shakeup!)
HAIR: Caprice in Black Cherry [of Blacks pack] (::Exile::) 
NAILS: Drop Dead Red Manicure Prim Nails (*Sexy Mamas*)

TOP: Primal Eyes, Leopard (::: Le Primitif :::) - July group gift!
BOTTOMS: Flash Pants Glam ([American Bazaar])
SHOES: Knox Wedges in Icy Silver (Leverocci) - previous With Love Hunt item!

NOSE RING: Nose Diamond Piercing w/Bling on/off (DiamondSky Dezno) - Only 50L here!
EARRINGS: Bijou Mancala [set includes two pairs of earrings and two necklaces] (Sax Shepherd Designs) - Available at One Voice now for only one more day!
NECKLACE: Necklace Rohan in Gold ([glow]) - past TDR item!
BRACELET: Helix (::Amorous::)
BAG: Nikita Pearls Handbag (H.Luzza) - past group gift; store closed (?)

POSES:dfo!, Purple Poses, and Label Motion


Oooooh my gawd. 

It's been two days since I've blogged! But that wasn't for lack of trying. 

For some reason, I hated everything I put together. EVERYTHING. It took me four tries before I got to this, and that inspiration finally came because of Inka Mexicola's new skin, Indy! Isn't she a beauty? And if you head on over to her blog, and her Flickr photostream, you'll see even better pictures of Indy. I can't wait to see the full package! I'm going to be evil right now and not tell you WHEN it will be released.

My pictures also reveal the newest tone from Essences. Native was previously the darkest tone, but nooooow this tone, called simply "dark," is the darkest available! And it's a great tone. I asked Inka if she could conceive and if she would ever create a darker tone, and probably three minutes later, she showed me a picture of a darker Indy. Of course, I was immediately sold! And here's the good news: this dark tone will now be included with every skin Inka releases from this point forward. I think that's penance enough for not revealing the Indy release date, yeah? :P

Do you wonder why I wear Shakeup so much? Well, first of all, I love matte lipstick. So far, Shakeup has the best matte lipsticks. (I also like PIDIDDLE's mattes). Secondly, for 199L, I have never gotten less than 60 lipsticks (for instance, 20 colors with three teeth options) in a pack. Finally, they fit most of my skins.

I think that's it! I'm off to mess around with my shape to effect another face out of Indy!

A demain...




SKIN: Lyse in SPF307 (.: vive nine :.)
EYES: Fall (Shakeup! Cosmetics)
EYELINER: Eyeliner 2 (-Belleza-) - past FLF item!
LIPSTICK: Lara Lipstick in Violet (Shakeup! Cosmetics)
HAIR: Blue Velvet in Snickers [of Chocolate Bars pack] (!lamb) - Available NOW at the HF2012! MESH
NAILS: Drop Dead Red Manicure Prim Nails (*Sexy Mamas*)

TOP: All Tied Up Tee - Strawberry (A&A) - past group gift!
BOTTOMS: Aztec Print Leggings in Salmon (Izzie's)
SHOES: Starlight Platforms in Dark Indigo (::LC:: - Lethal Couture)

NECKLACE: Amelie Pearl Necklace ([glow]) - past TDR item!
BRACELET:  Simple Polished Cuff (Whippet & Buck) - past FLF item!
BAG: No, You Boys... in Orange ([DDL]) - NEW!!!
SHADES (on hair): Sunglasses Avenue ([Amarelo Manga]) - Available NOW at the One Voice event!

POSES: [DDL] and Purple Poses


I've decided that I'm going to tag all of my entries - all 58 of them! So I'm going to start on that. Like now.

A demain...


Never Enough


SKIN: Eliza in Ebony (Izzie's) - Seraphim Turns One Hunt item! ONLY 10L!
EYES: Fall (Shakeup! Cosmetics)
EYESHADOW: Smokey 1 (Izzie's) - Included in Estella skin pack!
LIPSTICK: Violet (Izzie's) - Included in Estella skin pack!
HAIR: Daisy in Bournville [of Dark Brunettes pack] (LeLutka) 
NAILS: Drop Dead Red Manicure Prim Nails (*Sexy Mamas*)

JUMPSUIT: Block Unitard in Black (IMBUE.)
SHOES: Night Lolita in Midnight (::LC:: - Lethal Couture)

HEADPIECE: Lovin' Headband in Apricot (::C'est la vie !::)
NECKLACE: Chum Necklace (*miel*) - past FLF item!
BRACELET:  Summer Edition Group Gift - past TFG (The Fashion Garrett) group gift!
BAG: Girly Briefcase in Cherry (The Secret Store)



An Izzie skin for only 10L? Not only that, it's a dark skin, which, as you know, is my preferred skin tone because it's my RL skin tone. I had to have it! TP to Izzie's Mainstore and find it. Ye! GET! Read Izzie's blog for more information on this item, including a hint! The hunt object only contains two versions of the skin (cleavage / non-cleavage) but, by now, you probably have several Izzie skins (or you should); thus, you can pair the lipsticks and eyeshadows from those packs with this Eliza skin. I used the makeups in my Estella skin to go with Eliza. Best 10L I've ever spent!

So I dropped by DDL to buy the new bag, "No, You Boys." And I bought that bag. In two colors. And I bought some earrings. And some makeup. And some poses. There's some great stuff there! And the poses are STUPID cheap; each pose is only 10L. 

The bag I'm wearing is loaded with options! You can change the handle, bow and sides of the purse to nine different colors each! I believe this was very, very discounted when I purchased it in December of 2011. It may still be. I will definitely check and then update the ol' bloggo.

The Chum Necklace is from Miel, so you probably know you can change the letters. It didn't just HAPPEN to come with "Never Enough" on it, silly rabbits! It comes with "Your" on the first string and "Name" on the second one. There's a HUD for changing the letters to whatever you'd like. Well, you'll have to "express yourself" with no more than eight characters on either string. You can say a lot with 16 characters, made up of letters, numbers, and a few symbols!

And in case you are wondering, TFG is no more, unfortunately. But some events come back, yeah? My fingers are crossed, for sure.

Now, I've gotta eat something. It's 4:54pm, and I have had only two pancakes and a cup of coffee!

A demain... 

EDIT: The briefcase is not on sale at The Secret Store any longer, BUT it is available for purchase at 199L. What you get for that price is four versions of the bag, two animated / non-animated bags for each hand.