SKIN: Nikita in Tan (EiDOLAN Skins) - NEW!!!
EYES: Monet Truffle (Shine)
EYELINER: (Belleza) [of six-pack] - 07/08/2012 FLF item!
LIPSTICK: Princess Rehab LipColor Matte [of Imma Diva Collection] (PIDIDDLE)
HAIR: Starlight in Orange You Glad (Clawtooth): Available NOW at the Hair Fair 2012 event!
HAIRBASE: Carrot (Truth)
NAILS: Drop Dead Red Manicure Prim Nails (*Sexy Mamas*)

TOP: Delicate Scissors Mesh Tank (wonder1and+kush) - previous fi*Fridays item!
BOTTOMS:  High Jeans in Choco (-CandyDoll-)
SHOES: Cutesy in Safari (Peqe)

SHADES: Yes It's Huge (ShadZ) - Available NOW at the Private Room event!
RINGS: Antique Moon Stone Rings Set in Patina (The Sea Hole) - Available NOW at C88!
POSES: Cinnabar (Marukin) - Available NOW at C88!; (pda)


Ugh! Where do I even start? I guess I'll go down the list.

First, we have this lovely skin, Nikita. Not only is it a new SKIN, it's from a new skin designer named Aimee Novo and her new store, EiDOLAN Skins! I'm wearing the tan tone, which, for now, is the darkest available. Aimee does aspire to include a darker tone for future skins (and possibly Nikita as well), but she wants to make sure to get the dark tone just right! I paired the skin with separate eye makeup and lipstick only because the same that was included in the skin pack would not rez at all for me last night! Once I finish this entry, I will try again and update the entry, so you can see what you get for your buck. The pack (whichever you choose of the Fair, Pale, Sun, and Tan tones) also includes an eyeshaper. Each tone costs a mere 500L!

This. Hair. Is. Fabulous. I had to have it. This is only one of Clawtooth's four offerings at the HF2012. It's got just enough of cool and rockabilly and sexy. Go - no, RUN - here to see the other Clawtooth HF2012 hairs, Serendipity, Gossamer Rain and Going Steady. And then hurry to the Flower sim of the HF2012 and snatch them up, lest you not look delectable and too cool to touch! I must also give an enormous kudos to the organizers of the Hair Fair 2012. I was only six months old or so when the HF2011 occurred, so I have no idea whether or not this was done before, but the demo group was such a grand idea! I can only imagine how much easier it made [second] lives. Before you went, you probably knew what you wanted, which made you feel less aimless, and you probably also used the SLurl map to get to the hair you'd previously seen in the demo group. I love it!

Finally, I really could not get over these shades. I laughed my butt off when I saw them! Hey, you perverts, I could be talking about several things other than body parts that shall remained undisclosed. And... I suppose I am a pervert for assuming you had perverted thoughts? In either case, it is the perfect accessory for my ultra-cool hair. As with all the ShadZ shades, you can change the colors of the frames with ten different color options and you can resize the shades with a simple click.

Get to shopping!

A demain...

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