SKIN: Love_Shindig in Cocoa ([Illusory])
EYES: Fall (Shakeup! Cosmetics)
LIPSTICK: Love Lips in Hot Pink ([Illusory]) - Included in Love_Smoked in Cocoa pack!
HAIR and HAIRBASE: YOKE in Black ([INK]) - Available NOW at the Hair Fair 2012 event!
NAILS: Drop Dead Red Manicure Prim Nails (*Sexy Mamas*)

TOP: Round Top (::BND::) - only 1L!
BOTTOMS:  BW Oink (Tee*fy)
SHOES: Baby T's_Plain in Hot Yellow ([PM] Pixel Mode)

EARRINGS: The Coin Collector Jewelry Set [of set including necklace and earrings] (*League*)
NECKLACE:Studio Necklace_Taurus ([glow]) - past TDR item!
RING: Velouria Ring (Kunglers Extra) - Available NOW at TDR Blue!
BAG:  One Voice Bag (::EM::) - FREE at One Voice event!

POSES: * Purple Poses *, Di's Opera, and **Frozen**


/me breathes in deeply and sharply. I'm doomed to forget SOMETHING; there's just so much!

Well...  to celebrate her Facebook page reaching 1,000 likes, Gogo (of Juicy Bomb) shared five of her studio windlight settings with her readers! I'm using one of those that I edited just a tiny bit. It didn't need editing, but I like messing around with stuff. THANK YOU, GOGO! I am very thankful for those because I SUCK at making my own windlight settings.

I usually don't mention my shape in my credits. That's because, unlike skins, for example, the shape I have used in almost all of my entries for the past three months is modifiable. Because it's modifiable, I'd hate to say "This is this shape" and have readers think their face and body shape will resemble mine in any way. It's mod, and because I like to make stuff my own, I've messed around with my staple shape. That shape is Izzie's Cassandra shape, which is including in each Cassandra skin tone pack. Izzie always includes a shape in her skin packs, AND those shapes are always modifiable. This time, however, I'm using another shape called Dublin from Shakeup! While Carrie finds another mainstore location for Shakeup!, her shapes and other products are on sale! This shape, and the others, are on sale for only 100L! I provided the link above; use it frequently! Well, I didn't use it freely because I bought three at the same time! For only 100L each, you can buy several of her awesome shapes. 

Now, hair. This [men's] hair is from the Haaaiiir Faaaiiiir 2012! I just had to provide a shot of the hair from the side, so you could see the awesomeness of the hair AND the hairbase. This is now one of my favorite pixie cuts, along with Exile's Nina and Burley's Ethan. This is what I used to get around the HF2012; it really made things much easier.

Finally, I think, is the ring. You can get the ring and earrings in a single set at the current TDR Blue collection. You'd have to go to the Kunglers Extra store to complete the set with the matching necklace; it's 70L just as the set is at TDR Blue. So what are you waiting for? GET!

If I've forgotten something, I will update the entry tomorrow. I'll also add the pictures to my Flickr page and update some SLurls!

A demain...

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