The Love You Gave


SKIN: Maliah in SPF308, DeepExpresso (.: vive nine :.) - NEW!!!
EYES: Monet Truffle (Shine)
LIPSTICK: Maliah Cat Liner (.: vine nine :.) - included in Maliah skin pack!
 HAIR: Live Free in Dark Brown [of Browns pack] (pr!tty) - Hair Fair 2012 item!
NAILS: Drop Dead Red Manicure Prim Nails (*Sexy Mamas*)

DRESS: Glastonbury (*Stars* Fashion) - Coming soon at the Boho Culture Fair, October 15-31, 2012!
SHOES: Fae in Black ([Pixel Mode])

NECKLACE and RING: Nightbloom in Natura [of set including earrings, necklace and ring)  (Kunglers)
BRACELET: Gipsey (Moonshadow) - Coming soon at the Boho Culture Fair, October 15-31, 2012!
BAG: Studded Clutch in Rouge (Glam Affair) - previous TDR item!

POSES: Marukin and (pda)


I'm working a bit, so that's why it's been NINE days since I posted last. However, I had to stop by to show you a few things!

First, here's the new skin from vive9, Maliah! I purchased her in the darkest tone available, which is SPF308, aka DeepExpresso. Maliah is SO beautiful! The bone structure is out of this world. The lips need no cosmetics, but there are some available, of course! I've dressed her in many things since I got her yesterday, but this is the most fitting getup so far. She's got a really innocent look, and so she looked odd, to me, in my SWAG stuff. I'm very interested in seeing what other bloggers do with her. I'm sure she's already been dressed up in so many ways; I've just got to get around to viewing them! So there are the nine usual suspects (skin tone packs), and each package, you get five skins (the base skin; three with light brown, brown and black brows; and one with no brows), an eyebrow shaper, six beauty mark layers, a freckles layer, a cat-eye makeup layer, and a deep blush layer! That's for 1,095L. Then, there are makeup (eye AND lip) and cleavage add-ons. I bought a line of the lipsticks for 175L, with three lipsticks inside of the pack. I have a feeling that I will wear this skin out; I'm just warning you! 
Then, there's the Boho Culture Fair, which starts on October 15th! I'm really excited about this fair. I haven't seen much of what will be offered there, but, as you can see, there's going to be some really nice stuff. Do you know what my favorite brand is? It's Free People. NO ONE likes to go to Belk with me anymore because they KNOW I'm headed to the FP section, and I'm going to be there for a while. Free People stuff is exactly the type of stuff I'm hoping to see at the Fair! 

Click the picture below to find out more about the Fair!

A demain...





SKIN: Indy in Dark ({.essences.})
EYES: Enchanting Eyes in Dark Brown (Nana Minuet)
LIPSTICK: Politana in Dare (Colombia Cosmetics) - NEW!!!
 HAIR: MLN447 in Black [of Black/Chocolate/Purple pack] (*booN)
HAIRBASE: Jet Black (Amacci)
NAILS: Drop Dead Red Manicure Prim Nails (*Sexy Mamas*)

DRESS: Tani in Blueberry (Bilo)
SHOES: Night Lolita in Midnight (::Lethal Couture::)

EARRINGS: Feather Earrings in Purple (Izzie's)
BRACELET: VintageSnakeBaub (Baubles)
RING: Beloved Serpent in Silver [of set including three rings and earrings] (-B L E U-) - NEW!!!
BAG: Mexican Clutch in Gold (Lapin Rose)

POSES: Marukin (Available NOW at the September C88 collection!) and Label Motion


Sooooo have you heard of Colombia Cosmetics? I've provided the link to Colombia's (the name of the creator and the store) Flickr page. For each vendor art on that page, she's provided a link to the respective marketplace item. There's lipstick, eye makeup, face paint and eyes! You'll not only be a fan of the makeups. You'll also enjoy the titles of the individual colors! For instance, Politana comes in these colors: Astrayed, Confident, Dare, Romana, Tramp and Youth. Another of her lipsticks, Dahlia, includes Jesus Died, Monaster, New Times, No Hair Today, Pyramid, Rapist Suit, Rebuked and Respected Eventually. I love different, quirky and seemingly irrelevant titles because they inspire a need to reconcile the title with the logic behind it. "No Hair Today," a blue, makes me wonder. Why did Colombia think of "No Hair Today" when making this blue or vice versa?

The Bilo dress was sold at the Cupcakes Bake Sale for only 50L in two colors, blueberry and raspberry. But now you can buy it inworld in additional colors, including black, leaf and scarlet! Or you can buy them at Chandra's MP store. (Why did I just look at her MP store? With 11L, I'm just teasing myself). I love that the dress is only partially mesh. Everything is system clothing layers except the mesh flap to make the skirt. I've told friends very often, "death to prim skirts" or "down with prim skirts," because really? Shorts with front flap = skirt? Ugh. But mesh flaps fit and blend in so much better! I doubt that you can tell that Inferna's wearing a flap.

That's about it!

A demain...




SKIN: Indy in Dark ({.essences.})
EYES: Enchanting Eyes in Dark Brown (Nana Minuet)
LIPSTICK: LipColor in Lost My Keys [of Night Life Collection] (PIDDIDLE)
 HAIR: Josie in Charcoal [of Black packBars] (*Pocket Mirrors*)
GOWN (including gloves and neckpiece): Vicereine (Indyra Originals) - NEW!!!

EARRINGS: Amen Earrings in Obsidian (epoque)

POSES: (pda) and Marukin (Available NOW at September C88!)
It's been a while! Or, by my standards, it's been a while. I've been working a bit, so I've been on SL less.
ANYWAY. Enough of the excuses. O.M.G. Indyra Seigo has delivered to us the almighty Vicereine. As you can see, it's elegant, picturesque, sexy and dark. Besides these, it is flexible. Vicereine allows you to be several different girls. As Indyra describes it, there's something for the "uncommon Vamptress." Here, I'm regal and mysterious. Below, I'm misbehaved and inviting.

Paired with the lingerie is the Renata hair in Dusky from GOTZSCHE for Fameshed (until September 29th); the Zodiac Necklace (Sagittarius) from Amorous and two of the three bracelets in the NEW "Bangled," also from Amorous; Lethal Couture's NEW Lightning Bolt Pumps in Black; the Bizarre Flower ring from LaGyo at the August C88 collection; and Soiree's La Creme Lipstick in Punish!

And there's also a pant suit! So you'd use the pants and the flared pant cuffs instead of the gown.

I may have lost count, but I counted 46 different articles of clothing in the pack. 46 = endless fun.

And, I kid you not, you'll only have to "give up" 795L for such beautiful and versatile attire. That is a really fair price, considering not only what you get but what you can make out of your set.

Here's the vendor art:

A demain...


Case Closed


SKIN: Jen in Dark, Feline (*League*)
EYES: Enchanting Eyes in Dark Brown (Nana Minuet)
LIPSTICK: La Creme Lipstick in Virtuoso (Soiree)
 HAIR: Girlfriend in a Coma in Snickers [of Chocolate Bars] (!lamb)
NAILS: Classic Nails (Izzie's)
TOP: Minturn Sweater (Fleshtone) - previous Limited Bazaar item!
BOTTOMS: Nacha Leggings in Navy (\/Remy\/) - store closed (?)
SHOES: Amen Distress Bootie (::Lethal Couture::) - August 2012 group gift!

SHADES: Sports Glasses in Kaugummi (GOTZSCHE) - Coming tomorrow, September 15th, at new L'accessoires collection!
EARRINGS: Dangly (::Amorous::) - NEW!!! (But gift to group members!)
NECKLACE: Marrakech Heart (Maxi Gossamer) - Available NOW at September C88!
RING: Mother's Pearl Big Ring (LaGyo) - Available NOW at September C88!
BELT: Luna (::Amorous::)
CLUTCH: My Drawing Clutch Bag, Booin (u.f.o.) - previous 

POSES: dfo!, Label Motion and Marukin (Available NOW at September C88!)


I'm excited! A new brand and new stuffs (from a familiar store) makes me so!

I was on the quest for new makeup, lipstick specifically. I LOVE my Shakeup! lipsticks. They match well with every single skin I have in my favorites folder (All 33 of 'em - although some of those skins include lipsticks already). However, I wanted to try something different! Plus, all of us bloggers aim to bring notice to new brands, not only for that brand but for blog readers and/or fashionistas. 

Thus, I started looking for lipsticks on the Marketplace and I came upon Soiree! It's just a baby - less than one month old - but one can easily tell that Soiree will blow up! The lipstick that I am wearing, La Creme, comes in 30 colors. Each color comes in teeth / no teeth options for 80L; you can see the teeth/no teeth options above. And you can buy the fatpack of 60 lipsticks for 800L. There's also a wonderful "tool" (it's actually a tattoo layer) that does WONDERS for your facial bone structure (that's why I call it a tool) and an upcoming line of SOMETHING which I will not reveal (:P). So visit Julep's MP store now!

There's also new stuffs at one of my favorite jewelry store, Amorous! Damn, that Matchbook Monday can do amazing things with her brain, fingers and computer, yeah? I can't really do justice to these beautiful, "dangly" earrings. So here's the vendor art:

That should help you better understand the awesomeness of the earrings I'm wearing in these pictures.

This is not all of her new stuff; there's also some bracelets, which will probably be in the one or more of the next few posts. You can head on over to Matchbook's blog to get a preview of those bangles, called Bangled, in case you can't wait! 

I'm off to hover over the new TDR Blue, FLF and fi*Fridays collections!

A demain...


Clear Choice


SKIN: Indy in Dark ({.essences.})
EYES: Enchanting Eyes in Dark Brown (Nana Minuet)
LIPSTICK: LipColor - Indulge Me in Matte [of Night Life Collection] (PIDIDDLE
 HAIR: Quirky in Brown 09 [of Rich Browns pack] ([elikatira]) - NEW!!!
NAILS: Classic Nails (Izzie's)

TOP: Olga Corset in Rose Lace (\/Remy\/) - store closed (?)
BOTTOMS: Rag & Bone in Red ({.essences.}) - NEW!!!
SHOES: Lightning Bolt Pump in Black (::Lethal Couture::) - NEW!!!

NECKLACE (Short): Ankh (::Amorous::)
NECKLACE (Long): Multi Triangle Necklace ([glow]) - previous TDR item!
BRACELET: Bracelet Trio (-B L E U-) - third bracelet - not worn - is color change! NEW!!!
RING: Multi Triangle Ring ([glow]) - previous TDR item!
BAG: Funky Tango Bag, Guinevere (The Secret Store)

POSES: (pda), -no wow- and Label Motion


So, remember when I said that B L E U had no inworld store and only a MP one? Well... I LIED! Jelani has created an inworld store in which you can find all of her pretty, shiny things. YAY!

The Lightning Bolt Pumps are available in ten colors, and they are all wonderful. My favorite part about the shoes are the heels, which are color-change! You can change the heels to 12 different colors; I'd like to think you could accentuate any color (or match colors) in your outfit with that range of customization!

Aaaaaaand the Mesh Rag and Bone pants come in five colors and mesh sizes XS, S, M, L and XL.

That's it for today! But there's so much more new stuff to blog tomorrow.

A demain...

EDIT: If you already have Ankh, then I've great news for you! Matchbook has released an updated version. The update offers three additional metal colors! If you haven't already received the update, then you can go to Amorous redelivery terminal, find and click your Ankh transaction and voila! You'll have the updated version. The first one is pretty damned awesome; this one is even more so.

There are also updates for Retrospect and Ahki!




SKIN: Paige_Bronzed in Latte ([Illusory])
EYES: Enchanting Eyes in Dark Brown (Nana Minuet)
LIPSTICK: Paige Lips in Hot Pink ([Illusory]) - Included in Paige skin!
 HAIR: Tendency [03] (Magika) - NEW!!!
NAILS: Drop Dead Red Manicure Prim Nails (*Sexy Mamas*)

TOP: Vintage Tube Top in Cocoa (Auxiliary) - VF2012 item!
SKIRT:  Highway Skirt in Charcoal (::Lethal Couture::)
SOCKS: Garter Socks in Black (Izzie's)
SHOES: Amen Distress Booties (::Lethal Couture::) - August 2012 group gift!

BRACELETS: I love NERD ({me.}); left, silver; right, black - previous Perfect Wardrobe items!
RING: Chained Ring in Black/Silver (-B L E U-)
CLUTCH: Hermes Blue Leather Clutch (Co57) - previous fi*Fridays item!

POSES: dfo!, Marukin (August C88), **Frozen**, Olive Juice and GLITTERATI


I love LC's shorter alternative to (or shorter version of) the "fishtail" skirt. The fit is sexy; it fits tightly and adds curves. And it's available in several colors! I couldn't think of any better shoes than LC's Amen Distress Booties. I don't know if I gave this warning in the entry that first references these boots, but I will probably wear them often. They are just my style and go with skirts, jeans, shorts - everything - especially skirts. 

Collabor88 is moving to its own sim! You'll be able to get onto that sim in two days. I'm not sure, but perhaps it will help with lag. Because it's pretty well known that every edition of C88 will rock, it's laggy as soon as word gets out that the newest collection is available. Perhaps the event having its own sim will help with that. WHO KNOWS? I don't want to get you all excited about the possible death of Mr. Lag Monster, but ... 

ANYWAY... finally, I found this clutch at an earlier fi*Fridays edition. And, for only 55L, one got two clutches with poses (one for left hand and one for right hand) and a no-pose version. From what I hear (don't tell anyone, okay?), there will be more of these in various colors. I have a gazillion clutches, but as my friend, Mikaela, reminded me, there is just no such thing as "too many clutches."

I suppose that's it for the day.

A demain...


St. Louis


SKIN: Paige_Bronzed in Latte ([Illusory])
EYES: Enchanting Eyes in Dark Brown (Nana Minuet)
LIPSTICK: Paige Lips in Hot Pink ([Illusory]) - Included in Paige skin!
 HAIR: Iris in Black Out [of Blacks pack] (.ploom.)
NAILS: Drop Dead Red Manicure Prim Nails (*Sexy Mamas*)

OUTFIT (top and skirt): Tribal in Grayscale ([l u x u r i a n t])
SHOES: Yaya Sandals in Night (urbana.)

BRACELET: Judith Bracelet (The Golden Fleece)
RING: Veloura Ring (Kunglers) - previous TDR item!
BAG: Sophmore Satchel in Matted Brown ({mon tissu})


It's been some time! Well, it's been some time by my standards. Since I started actively blogging a few months ago, there hasn't been a week between posts. RL is a mess right now, but I hope I'll be able to keep up with the ol' bloggo a bit better than this past week or so.

New store! You can find [l u x u r i a n t] (or [l u x] for short) on the marketplace and inworld. Additionally, you can view her items on her Flickr page. She's (by she, I mean UnobtainableG Resident, owner of [l u x]) got some pretty things, perfect for mix-and-match whores such as myself. :P Her inventory, of course, is not so large, but it shows such promise. If this is what we have already, I can't wait to see what's in store for us!

I'm out, SONN!

A demain...