You Want the Truth?

It's been a LONG time since I last posted. I'm sorry; boyfriend surprised me with a puppy over two weeks ago, and it's been all about our Toby every since. Before that, I just didn't have the motivation to post the pictures I had taken.

I've decided to dedicate this blog to the splendid Truth Hawks and their lovely hairs. If you've no Truth Hair, well, then shame on you! I've got 22 Truth hairs in my inventory, and I'll never stop adding to my repertoire.

This hair is sheer perfection. It's greatly detailed, it offers coloring options for hair (such as highlight colors) and for accessories, and it moves beautifully.

I'll post ten of my favorites of my favorite brand of hair to this entry. Enjoy! And pay them a visit! NOOOOW (Well... right after you read this entry!)


I included the back of this hairstyle as well. Just gaze upon that detail! You can see the fine lines and curves of this hair. Look at the hairs that hang upon the nape of the neck? I mean, really, it's beautiful. All color packs include the non-streaked version, as shown here, and a streaked version (with many, many color options).


I'got Hadley at the major Truth District sale that went on maybe ... a month ago, if that(?) I love this hair so much that I bought the fatpack - colours, gingers, reds, dark browns, and blacks and whites. I had an issue with the purchase of the hair because this sale was MAJOR, as I said before. It was super laggy, and the purchase just wasn't going through. But I sent a notecard to Truth Hawks, and let me tell you, they were so helpful and so accessible. You'd think that with their success, with their standing, they'd be distant or uncaring. Not at all. They helped me plus more. Each color pack includes two versions of Hadley, and each version has a "with roots," as shown below, and a "without roots" version. (The possibilities!)


I love Jean! I purchased this in black, and while I like black, I think I'll stick to my usual "dark brown" pack unless I'm in a dark kind of mood or it's Halloween! I've always thought that hair that matches or almost matches the wearer's skin tone is a beautiful thing, so I like my dark brown! Jean includes streaked and non-streaked versions.


Jolie was one of the very first hairs that I bought from Truth. I did buy "browns" instead of "dark browns" by mistake, but it still looks amazing, I say. Any Jolie color pack you buy will include the upper Jolie, the lower Jolie, the full Jolie, the streaked upper Jolie, and the full streaked Jolie.It's a very long style, so if you'd like to shorten it a bit, you'd wear only the upper, streaked or otherwise.


I hate to say this, because I love them all, but this is probably my favorite Truth hair. It fits every occasion for me. I can "feel" casual, formal, or sexy; regardless of how I feel, I can wear this hair. LOVE IT. Each color pack includes the streaked and non-streaked versions. Plus, there's five or so options for the hair clip!


You've seen this one before. I believe it was featured in my very first entry, "Exorcised." Each pack includes a streaked and non-streaked version. Both versions are scripted for color options. In the non-streaked version, you can choose amongst a multitude of colors for the hair band. In the streaked version, you have the same depth of color control for the streak and the hair band. It's lovely. See for yourself!


The vendor art showed Pandora with a hair clip. I really wanted it but was really broke at the time. (Sadness). I'll have to go back and get it soon! Just like Neve, it falls beautifully amongst the face. Each pack includes streaked and non-streaked (with color options, of course) versions.


What can I say about Priscilla? It's so rock and roll to me. You've got the sexy bangs and a sexy side ponytail. It's just pure sex and rock-n-roll. Drugs too if you're into that sort of thing (:P). Each pack includes two versions of the hairstyle, and both versions offer streaked and non-streaked versions. I'm wearing the non-streaked Priscilla 2. Isn't it grand? GET IT!


This is another rock-n-roll one. I created a few outfits that feature this hair, and most, if not all, of them are rocker, rebel, or bad girl outfits. (Rawr). I'm a big fan! Each color packs includes non-streaked and streaked (with many color options. You should assume that all streaked Truth hair, because they're awesome, will offer you many color options). 


Finally, we have Vanessa. OMFG, I change my mind; this is my favorite (or I just give up on picking a favorite of my favorites of my favorite brand of SL hair. Try that on!). It's so sexy, so irresistible. How could I not have purchased this when I first laid eyes on it? As I walked into the store, it said, "Prepare ... to be ... woo-ed." I replied, "Yes, please."  What can I say, it seduced me. Like Jolie, each pack includes a non-streaked upper, non-streaked lower (which you can leave off if you don't want the full length of the style), full Jolie, a streaked upper and then a streaked full Jolie.

These are the other Truth Hairs I own (in case you feel I have good taste and have deduced - nah, induced :P - that the other 12 I own must also be hot):

1. Becky
2. Brandi
3. Cate
4. Jocelyn
5. Talullah
6. Valerie
7. Emerald
8. Penny
9. Harper
10. Astrid
11. Gabriel
12. Trinity

There's so much more to be seen in-world and at the Marketplace. I'd suggest you go to the store in-world because you get to try on the demos there instead of having to drop the boxed object out of your inventory and unpack elsewhere. Plus, go enjoy the Truth experience.GO! Go before I raid them of all their goods, and there will be none left for you.

A demain!