Top: Crush #Grass (Emery)
Skirt: Ebby - Sommelier (Emery)
Shoes: Baby T's - Plain - Hot Yellow ([PM] Pixel Mode)
Hair: Ethan - Dark Browns ([BURLEY])
Earrings: Jeselle Earrings (Eluzion) - Group Gift
Bracelet:Wood Bangles Gift (Beachwood)

I was standing on the rooftop of one of my absolutely favorite stores, Amorous! Speaking of Amorous, here are some screenshots of some of her vendor art.


(Also, I'm going to add another section to this blog, listing the SLurls for most creators of items I've worn).



Guess who?

Sooooo, have you heard of Amorous? If not, boy do I have a treat for you! Here's my latest outfit, featuring two different items from Amorous:

Top: Olga Corset in Rose Lace (REMY)
Bottoms: High Rise Black Plants (d. Select)
Socks: Button Socks: Overknee (you can change the color of each button, by the way!) - (G Field)
Shoes: Troupe Shoes Bright (Miel)
Hair: Pippa - Dark Browns - (Truth)
Nails: Drop Dead Red Manicure (*Sexy Mamas*)
Necklace: Oceanic (Amorous)
Earrings: Swept (Amorous)

You've seen nothing yet as far as Amorous is concerned. Here's more of the quality that you can absolutely and continually expect from Amorous. (I've removed my hair in the following picture so that you may see less of it and more of Amorous).


I frickin' love this set. I can't say enough about Antiquarian. Do you see the detail? I feel as if I can reach out and touch this jewelry - so beautiful and so real. This set includes FOUR versions of the necklace (meaning four versions of the necklace for the chest, and four versions of the necklace for the spine), four versions of the earrings, and four versions of the bracelet (that is, four versions for the left wrist and four versions for the right wrist). You can resize everything, as well.


If you're a bit devilish, purchase this set! It comes with a choker (both chest and spine options), upper arm attachments for both arms, upper leg attachments for both legs, wrist attachments for both wrists, and rings for both hands. And, even better, there are nine color options for each item. Here, you see white (left) and cyan (right). And yes, you can resize!

Is there any argument that Amorous is one of THE best jewelry designers out there? They'll be no argument from me. I discovered Amorous at the Vintage Fair 2011, and the rest was history. I've gotten the sets you see, plus Ecks, Requiem, You (which is free, by the way), Lacerated, Cathartik, Simplicity, Gyroscope, Luxuria and Antiquarian Absinthe (this is the one I bought at the VF2011).

Can you blame me for being a fool in love?

Go pay Matchbook Monday (the creator) a visit at Amorous (or at the Marketplace)! Not only is she extremely talented, she is very approachable and has one of the best personalities I've encountered in my SL experience!

Also, there's a link to her blog on the right. Stalk it as I do!