SKIN: Lyse in Expresso (Vive9)
EYES: Enchanting Eyes in Dark Brown (Nana)
EYELINER: Black Matte Liquid Eyeliner (Cheap Makeup)
BLUSH: Daily Blush in Pink (Vive9)
NAILS: Drop Dead Red Manicure (*Sexy Mamas*)
HAIR: 2358 in AlmostGoth [of Dark Brunette pack] (LeLutka)

LIPSTICK: Bitten Lip Stain in Mauve-lous (AG) - Only 50L here!

TOP: Edda Lace Scoop Mesh Tank in Coral, Small (RaMa RoWanberry)
BRA: Highway Star (Sweetest Goodbye, now Monso)
BOTTOMS: Sequin Booty Shorts in Gunmetal (Fab.Pony)
SHOES: Booties Black Reptile (BAX)

NECKLACE: Reverie (:Amorous:)
BRACELET: Naiad's Tears Bracelet (bewildebeest)


So I finally get to wear my Lyse skin. I've had it for a while but couldn't find the perfect outfit - or one that was perfect to me - for it. For Lyse, you'll pay 1,095L for either the skinbase - your choice between not three tones but three SETS of tones. The first tone includes Fair, Light Neutral and Apricot. The second tone includes YellowTan, Light Beige and Beige. Finally, the third tone includes Deep Bronze, Expresso and DeepExpresso. Here, I'm wearing the Expresso tone, which is a part of the third set of skin bases.

Inside the skin base pack, you get 18 skins, two eyebrow shapers, a blush layer and a tattoo layer for a different lip style. It may not sound like much, compared to what you may get with some other skins, such as Izzie's. And I'll say that it's not, other than a whopping 18 skins. The 18 skins allow you to choose between different brows (such as thin versus thick), cleaner skin versus more "made up" skin, etc.

The mesh tank comes with its own bra on clothing layers. However, it's solid and a bit less exciting that what I was going for. I wanted a textured bra, so I just paired it with a bra from the Highway Star shirt.

I have a slight lesbian crush on Matchbook Monday, who released probably about eight items today. I make this very clear to her. 

I'm wearing a necklace from one of those sets released today. It comes with earrings that are equally fabulous. And, as always, you can change the textures; the color of the leather, metal, feather, and stone can all be changed. Lucky you! You can find more of her releases in her blog, the link to which is listed on the right.

A demain...




SKIN: Emma Ebony, Bare Face ([The Skinnery]) - Available at the Skin Showcase!
EYES: Enchanting Eyes in Dark Brown (Nana)
HAIR: Arbre in Noir [of Black Tones pack] (vive9
NAILS: Drop Dead Red Manicure (*Sexy Mamas*)
LIPSTICK: Lip Gloss in RubyRed (*Leafy)

TOP: Summer Time Greek Path (Paperbag.) 
BOTTOMS: Jean Super Ok #3 (Emery)
SHOES: Color Blocking Wedges - Pre-Release (Tee*fy) - Available at TDR Blue!

NECKLACE: Not Granny's Necklace (:Amorous:)
BRACELET and RING: Palma set2 + HUD (Donna Flora)


I promise to not be so mouthy this time. Cookouts under a relentless sun tire the mind...

I changed my hair in the last picture just so you could see all of this beautiful face from Uma (of The Skinnery). It's near perfection, as you can see. It is not quite perfection (I'd give it a 9.8 out of 10), for me, because I wish it were a bit darker. But, again, that's my own preference. It's a 10-rate skin. In each skin tone / makeup pack, you get nine skins with three eyebrows (no brows, light brows, and dark brows) and three amounts of cleavage, pubic hair (on underpants and tattoo layers), a teeth tattoo layer and an "extra blush" tattoo layer.

Not Granny's Necklace, from Matchbook Monday of Amorous, is, er, not for Granny. There are eight loveable messages, two of which are shown here. You can also, as always, change other features of the necklace, such as the cord and the metal. 

The Palma set from Donna Flora comes with a ring and bracelet for both hands. It also includes a HUD that allows for six color changes of the items as a group, not individually.

Now, I'm off to recover from a fried brain. 

/me faints onto floor, face first.




SKIN: Nightbringer's Death (The Plastik.) - previous Very Important Hunters Hunt item
EYES: VaeColl. in Senn (The Plastik.)
HAIR: Dakota in Jet Black [of GreyScale pack] (LaViere)
HAIRBASE: Hairbase in Night (Truth)
NAILS: Drop Dead Red Manicure (*Sexy Mamas*)
LIPSTICK: Bright Matt Lipstick in Indigo (Shakeup!)

OUTFIT: Will o' the Wisp in Tempest/Green (*Evie's Closet*)
SHOES: Colour Flats in Calm (TokiD)

EARRINGS: Perola Earrings in Cream [of Perola set, including necklace] (Kunglers Extra) 
BRACELET: Simple Polished Cuff (Whippet & Buck)


This was a pretty fun set. And it was even more fun that already pictured due to a certain "extra." I'll discuss this "extra" later.

What rocks about this skin, even more than the skin itself, is that I found it by mistake! I wasn't even on this hunt. I was in The Plastik, shopping. Or I might have been on another hunt, now that I think about. It is so awesome. It comes with 15 skins (different makeups), three tattoo layers of body freckles, three tattoo layers of face freckles, a "darker" lips tattoo layer, a "lighter" lips tattoo layer, a lip stripe tattoo layers, a leg-and-arm fade tattoo layer, a "smudgy [eye] shadow" tattoo layer, six cleavage tattoo layers (doesn't change the amount of cleavage - just the definition of the cleavage), six eyebrow shapers, two sets of eyes - Senn and Winter - as eyes and as prims, and FINALLY, an animation called "Peepybirds." I'm SO glad that I found this!

I'm also wearing one of another set of 60 lipsticks from Shakeup! (see previous entry). Each lipstick includes a "normal" lip, a pouty lip, and a lipstick with teeth version on tattoo layers. 
Gah, I have so much Evie's Closet stuff. Here's one of my favorites! It's hard to pick a favorite because every creation from Evangeline Miles is colorful, full, and the flow of her gowns are always, ALWAYS breathtaking. If you have not purchased anything from Evie's Closet, you must. I can't imagine that you haven't; EC is pretty well know in medieval or fantasy (or both) circles. Because I'm so against-the-trend, it was a while before I visited EC. Whatever is popular, I try to not partake in it so much, not because I think I'm sort of badass, but because I like different things! I like to find things that most people don't know about and attempt to grant some exposure for those things. But, I'm telling you, I was doing myself such a horrible disservice. Everything at EC - even the sim - is a big fat bowl of WIN. 

Finally, you can change the texture on this simple cuff to 14 colors! This was a previous Fifty Linden Friday item which, sadly, is no more.

Also (yes, "finally," means nothing in Infernaworld), if you're wondering about the location, I'm inside of Angelic Creations' The Darkest Forest skydome. I got it for 60L, and let me tell you, it is HUGE and beautiful. The creator, Angelica Leiner, puts up THREE of her items every weekend for the 60L weekend.

Now, for that "extra":

 Inferna: "WTF is THAT?" 

Brooding Inferna: Wow, are you serious? There's room for only ONE diva, bitch!

But Inferna eventually settled down. I mean, how can you REALLY stay mad at this face?


AVATAR: Petish Alabaster (Mynerva)
HAIR: Amandine Petite Mesh Hair in Orchid (/Wasabi Pills/)
OUTFIT: Petite Spring Fairy in Pink (Angelwing)
If I didn't enjoy my full-sized clothes so much, I'd jump all over these petite thing. 
Here's what you get in Mynerva's pack:
 A demain...


Ill Will


SKIN: Moana in Native ({.essences.})
EYES: Enchanting Eyes in Dark Brown (Nana)
HAIR: Glass Candy in Sci-Fi [of ROYGBIV packs] (!lamb)
NAILS: Drop Dead Red Manicure (*Sexy Mamas*)
LIPSTICK: Sasha Lipstick (Shakeup!)

OUTFIT: Mistress in White (Deviance)

EARRINGS: Disturbed Ear Piercing -Leopard Edition - (.Pekka.) - previous Grunge Soul Project item


I'm sure we've established that I am this ubermega skin-whore. So the Skin Showcase event had no chance, and I had no chance against it. Luckily, I only got about ... four skins, methinks. Moana one was one of them.

I've tried essences skins before but was never sold on one until today! I didn't even have to pair the skin with a lipstick because it is so perfect by itself. Essences skins may not be as "textured" as some skins (think freckles and such), but even without that level of texture, the skins are very realistic and pretty. I love the smooth appearance of essences skins. Moana comes in five skin tones. Each tone pack includes two blush layers, two freckle layers, three eyelash layers, and a mole layer - all as tattoo layers. Additionally, you get four styles of pubic hair, each style on a tattoo layer and an underpants layer, for a total of eight pubic hair layers. Each pack costs only 800L!

Oh, and these lipsticks? GET THEM! You get 20 colors, with three teeth options for each! I kid you not, you, thus, get 60 lipsticks for only 199L. What are you waiting for?

A demain...


Rose Garden


SKIN: Chloe in Mocha (Belleza)
EYES: Enchanting Eyes in Dark Brown (Nana)
HAIR: Genius High Ponytail in Black (TuTy')
NAILS: Drop Dead Red Manicure (*Sexy Mamas*)

GOWN: "I'll Die For You..." Dress (Vita's Boudoir)
SHOES: Pony Girl Boots in Black (Vita's Boudoir)

BRACELET: Helix (*Amorous*)


I can't quite remember the story of how I "met" Vita's Boudoir. There was an event - maybe a hunt - that had a catalog of some sort. On of the ads in that magazine featured Vita's Boudoir. The rest was history! I purchased this outfit in September of 2011, so I've been a fan of Boudoir for a very long time.

If I had to describe Boudoir with a single word, it would be "innovative." It is highly unlikely that you will see anything like Boudoir creations anywhere else in SL. Also, this brand is good at taking ordinary and unlikely things - such as a cupcake - and turning them into something extraordinary and DEFINITELY couture. Think pumpkins aren't couture? THINK AGAIN

I'm also wearing Boudoir boots, although you can't see them. I'm pretty sure you've seen them before in this blog, however. If not, you'll definitely see them at some point; they are among my favorite pairs of boots!

And, as always, the Amorous piece will rawk your sawks. (Did I sound cool just then? Ooooooh yeeeahhh). You can change the two levels of metal (with light, medium, and dark silver and bronze) and the accent (with 12 different colors), the shine level, the glow level, AND you can resize it! Just so you know, I claim Matchbook Monday for my own. You cannot have her!

A demain...


Fix This


SKIN: Polly 2 in Chocolate ([Al Vulo!])
EYES: Enchanting Eyes in Dark Brown (Nana)
HAIR: Taleen in Dark Flame [of Reds pack] (/Wasabi Pills/) - MESH
NAILS: Drop Dead Red Manicure (*Sexy Mamas*)
LIPSTICK: Lip Mattes, Number 20 (cStar Limited Skins)

TOP: Highway Star in White (Sweetest Goodbye) - STORE CLOSED*
BOTTOMS: Short Pants#zb (+grasp+)
SHOES: Dandy Boots in Flor (Miel)

NECKLACE: Safari Necklace (.:* LOULOU&CO *:.)
BRACELET: Stain Glass Blues Bangle (Dark Mouse)


The owner of Sweetest Goodbye, Morphine Janick, closed SG probably some eight or nine months ago. And I did indeed take advantage of the closing sale. If you didn't, that's too bad. However, don't fret too much! She's the owner of Monso, at which you can purchase many of the stuff that was at SG, including the Highway Star shirt seen here.

I think I got it for 25L, but on the MP, it's 300L. I could be wrong, because it was a while ago, but I'm pretyt sure it was about 25L. Here's a link to Monso on the MP. I'll add a LM to the right once I visit momentarily!

I love these lipsticks from cStar. Matte is my favorite style of lipstick, and these are perfectly matte. I'm not so much a fan of glossy lips (with only one exception that I know of - Izzie's). Each lipstick color, which includes a matte lipstick layer and a gloss lipstick layer, is 50L! For a set of 10 colors, which is 20 layers - matte and gloss - it's 380L. Not bad, I say!

A demain...