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SKIN: Polly 2 in Chocolate ([Al Vulo!])
EYES: Enchanting Eyes in Dark Brown (Nana)
HAIR: Taleen in Dark Flame [of Reds pack] (/Wasabi Pills/) - MESH
NAILS: Drop Dead Red Manicure (*Sexy Mamas*)
LIPSTICK: Lip Mattes, Number 20 (cStar Limited Skins)

TOP: Highway Star in White (Sweetest Goodbye) - STORE CLOSED*
BOTTOMS: Short Pants#zb (+grasp+)
SHOES: Dandy Boots in Flor (Miel)

NECKLACE: Safari Necklace (.:* LOULOU&CO *:.)
BRACELET: Stain Glass Blues Bangle (Dark Mouse)


The owner of Sweetest Goodbye, Morphine Janick, closed SG probably some eight or nine months ago. And I did indeed take advantage of the closing sale. If you didn't, that's too bad. However, don't fret too much! She's the owner of Monso, at which you can purchase many of the stuff that was at SG, including the Highway Star shirt seen here.

I think I got it for 25L, but on the MP, it's 300L. I could be wrong, because it was a while ago, but I'm pretyt sure it was about 25L. Here's a link to Monso on the MP. I'll add a LM to the right once I visit momentarily!

I love these lipsticks from cStar. Matte is my favorite style of lipstick, and these are perfectly matte. I'm not so much a fan of glossy lips (with only one exception that I know of - Izzie's). Each lipstick color, which includes a matte lipstick layer and a gloss lipstick layer, is 50L! For a set of 10 colors, which is 20 layers - matte and gloss - it's 380L. Not bad, I say!

A demain...

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