Rose Garden


SKIN: Chloe in Mocha (Belleza)
EYES: Enchanting Eyes in Dark Brown (Nana)
HAIR: Genius High Ponytail in Black (TuTy')
NAILS: Drop Dead Red Manicure (*Sexy Mamas*)

GOWN: "I'll Die For You..." Dress (Vita's Boudoir)
SHOES: Pony Girl Boots in Black (Vita's Boudoir)

BRACELET: Helix (*Amorous*)


I can't quite remember the story of how I "met" Vita's Boudoir. There was an event - maybe a hunt - that had a catalog of some sort. On of the ads in that magazine featured Vita's Boudoir. The rest was history! I purchased this outfit in September of 2011, so I've been a fan of Boudoir for a very long time.

If I had to describe Boudoir with a single word, it would be "innovative." It is highly unlikely that you will see anything like Boudoir creations anywhere else in SL. Also, this brand is good at taking ordinary and unlikely things - such as a cupcake - and turning them into something extraordinary and DEFINITELY couture. Think pumpkins aren't couture? THINK AGAIN

I'm also wearing Boudoir boots, although you can't see them. I'm pretty sure you've seen them before in this blog, however. If not, you'll definitely see them at some point; they are among my favorite pairs of boots!

And, as always, the Amorous piece will rawk your sawks. (Did I sound cool just then? Ooooooh yeeeahhh). You can change the two levels of metal (with light, medium, and dark silver and bronze) and the accent (with 12 different colors), the shine level, the glow level, AND you can resize it! Just so you know, I claim Matchbook Monday for my own. You cannot have her!

A demain...

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