SKIN: Nightbringer's Death (The Plastik.) - previous Very Important Hunters Hunt item
EYES: VaeColl. in Senn (The Plastik.)
HAIR: Dakota in Jet Black [of GreyScale pack] (LaViere)
HAIRBASE: Hairbase in Night (Truth)
NAILS: Drop Dead Red Manicure (*Sexy Mamas*)
LIPSTICK: Bright Matt Lipstick in Indigo (Shakeup!)

OUTFIT: Will o' the Wisp in Tempest/Green (*Evie's Closet*)
SHOES: Colour Flats in Calm (TokiD)

EARRINGS: Perola Earrings in Cream [of Perola set, including necklace] (Kunglers Extra) 
BRACELET: Simple Polished Cuff (Whippet & Buck)


This was a pretty fun set. And it was even more fun that already pictured due to a certain "extra." I'll discuss this "extra" later.

What rocks about this skin, even more than the skin itself, is that I found it by mistake! I wasn't even on this hunt. I was in The Plastik, shopping. Or I might have been on another hunt, now that I think about. It is so awesome. It comes with 15 skins (different makeups), three tattoo layers of body freckles, three tattoo layers of face freckles, a "darker" lips tattoo layer, a "lighter" lips tattoo layer, a lip stripe tattoo layers, a leg-and-arm fade tattoo layer, a "smudgy [eye] shadow" tattoo layer, six cleavage tattoo layers (doesn't change the amount of cleavage - just the definition of the cleavage), six eyebrow shapers, two sets of eyes - Senn and Winter - as eyes and as prims, and FINALLY, an animation called "Peepybirds." I'm SO glad that I found this!

I'm also wearing one of another set of 60 lipsticks from Shakeup! (see previous entry). Each lipstick includes a "normal" lip, a pouty lip, and a lipstick with teeth version on tattoo layers. 
Gah, I have so much Evie's Closet stuff. Here's one of my favorites! It's hard to pick a favorite because every creation from Evangeline Miles is colorful, full, and the flow of her gowns are always, ALWAYS breathtaking. If you have not purchased anything from Evie's Closet, you must. I can't imagine that you haven't; EC is pretty well know in medieval or fantasy (or both) circles. Because I'm so against-the-trend, it was a while before I visited EC. Whatever is popular, I try to not partake in it so much, not because I think I'm sort of badass, but because I like different things! I like to find things that most people don't know about and attempt to grant some exposure for those things. But, I'm telling you, I was doing myself such a horrible disservice. Everything at EC - even the sim - is a big fat bowl of WIN. 

Finally, you can change the texture on this simple cuff to 14 colors! This was a previous Fifty Linden Friday item which, sadly, is no more.

Also (yes, "finally," means nothing in Infernaworld), if you're wondering about the location, I'm inside of Angelic Creations' The Darkest Forest skydome. I got it for 60L, and let me tell you, it is HUGE and beautiful. The creator, Angelica Leiner, puts up THREE of her items every weekend for the 60L weekend.

Now, for that "extra":

 Inferna: "WTF is THAT?" 

Brooding Inferna: Wow, are you serious? There's room for only ONE diva, bitch!

But Inferna eventually settled down. I mean, how can you REALLY stay mad at this face?


AVATAR: Petish Alabaster (Mynerva)
HAIR: Amandine Petite Mesh Hair in Orchid (/Wasabi Pills/)
OUTFIT: Petite Spring Fairy in Pink (Angelwing)
If I didn't enjoy my full-sized clothes so much, I'd jump all over these petite thing. 
Here's what you get in Mynerva's pack:
 A demain...

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