SKIN: Coco in Cooper (*MYUGLYDOROTHY*) - NEW!!!
EYES: Monet Truffle (Shine)
HAIR: London Rain in Swiss [of Dark Browns pack] (::Exile::)
NAILS: Drop Dead Red Manicure Prim Nails (*Sexy Mamas*)
LIPSTICK: Lara Lipstick in Violet + Teeth A (Shakeup!)
EYESHADOW: Malva Shadown [sic] (R.icielli) - previous store Christmas hunt item

TOP: Nyan :3 Shirt (NS Cutie ShaPeS) - only 30L on the MP!
SHORTS:  Vintage Waist Highs in Light Blue (illmatic)
LEGGINGS: Polka Dot Leggings in Blue [of four-pack] (Pink Acid)
SHOES: Sumire Flats in Nautical (TokiD)

EARRINGS: (eXxEsS) - previous MOOLTO Hunt item

POSES: Label Motion, Jazumi, and Olive Juice


 New skin! New skin! Beautiful skin with several options (you get 27 frickin' skins, an eyebrow shaper, and two eyebrow color layers - one black, one brown).

On the Surface


SKIN: Emma in Ebony, Bare Face ([theSkinnery])
EYES: Monet Truffle (Shine)....
HAIR: Twinkle Toast in Black Beauty [of Silent Movie Star pack] (Clawtooth)
NAILS: Drop Dead Red Manicure Prim Nails (*Sexy Mamas*)
LIPSTICK: Sasha Lipstick in Appleblossom + Teeth B (Shakeup!)
EYESHADOW: Black Matte Liquid Eyeliner - (Cheap Makeup)

TOP: Top in Shoulder Pad Bow #Pure / Multicolor [without neck ribbon and shoulder pads] (Emery)
SHORTS:  Fit Shorts in Bright (MIEL) - 06/29/2012 FLF item! - MESH
SHOES: Fringe Morocco Sandal in Camel (ANEXX)

NECKLACE: Amida Necklace in Rose Pink (MANDALA)
BAG: Bow Baggu in Pocky (TokiD)
HAIR FLOWERS: Big Flower Headband in Blue (Schoen) - previous MOOLTO Hunt item

POSES: Label Motion and -no wow-


First of all, I'm SO glad and relieved that FLF is back. And the just-past edition was out of this world. I bought nearly all items, and that is rare. I usually buy the MIEL item, no matter what it is - scarf, boots, watch, you name it. And I buy a few other items. But this time, I think I didn't buy only one of the 10 offerings. Is it Friday again yet? 

That said, these Fit Shorts were MIEL's yesterday FLF item. You can change what your butt says (hmmm...). The HUD to do so is super easy to use. If you didn't purchase these yesterday, you can still drop by MIEL to see if the item is still out for 50L. I'm sure it's still 50L because it is still 50L on the MP. You can purchase the bright version or the natural version.

I put "Sear Me" on my butt because one of my favorite songs from my favorite band (not one of my favorite bands, but my favorite band), My Dying Bride, is called Sear Me III. Here! Have a listen!

A demain...




SKIN: Emma in Ebony, Bare Face ([theSkinnery])
EYES: Monet Truffle (Shine)
HAIR: Magenta in Gem [of Colours pack] (>Truth<)
NAILS: Drop Dead Red Manicure Prim Nails (*Sexy Mamas*)
LIPSTICK: Lip Matte in CherryKiss [of Red Lipsticks pack] (Leafy)
EYESHADOW: Chameleon Make-up 5 (of five-lipstick set) - ([ bubble ])

BODYSUIT: Wild Jungle (Peqe)
SHOES: Booties in Black Reptile (BAX)

NECKLACE: Oceanic [of set including earrings and bracelets] (::Amorous::)
BRACELET: Samsara (::Amorous::)
CLUTCH: Austin Pouch Dossier in Zebra, Large (-people-) - Store closed

POSES: Label Motion
LOCATION: The Sea Hole

I always forget to note the poses used in the photos. However, I was a good girl today and included that information! I'd say that 85% of my poses are from Label Motion. The other 15% is probably composed of (pda), no wow, Jazumi, Glitterati, and *EverGlow*

And for the weather report? Right now, it's 97.9 degrees, and it feels like 111 degrees. Earlier, it was 95.4 degrees but felt like 114 degrees. How nice, right? 

Here's a bonus! I took 13 photos of my pup with a friend's baby. CUTE!




SKIN: Lyse in Expresso, SPF307 (.:vive9:.)
EYES: Monet Truffel (Shine)
HAIR: GENIUS High Ponytail in Black (TuTy's)
NAILS: Drop Dead Red Manicure Prim Nails (*Sexy Mamas*)
LIPSTICK: LipColor in Matte Indulge Me/No Teeth [of Night Life Collection] (PIDIDDLE)
EYESHADOW: Brown shadow (R.icielli) - previous store Christmas hunt item

GOWN: Beaded Edging (Paper Couture)

EARRINGS and BRACELET: Luxuria (: Amorous :) 
HEADPIECE: Human Nature (A M E L I E R A E B E A U P A R L A N T) (or [AB] for short)


I'm almost positive that you won't find this [p.c.] gown in-world. I'm sure that this gown is part of store creator's, Ava Lu's, older (and now unavailable-inworld) collection. Therefore, because it's so awesome, here is the link to purchase it on the MP for only 400L! If you hit the "visit store" link under Ms. Lu's name on this page, you'll find other equally delicious, must-have gowns and outfits.

Guess what? We're under a heat advisory here in ol' 'Bama. Isn't that nice? Right now, it is 100 degrees but feels like 103 degrees. W.T.F. Thank bloody hell for Black Walnut ice cream on days like these!

A demain...


Deep Down


SKIN: Amber, Version 2, in Dark (::dUTCH tOUCH::)
EYES: Monet Truffle (*Shine*)
HAIR: SHOCK Electric Flexi Bob in Black (TuTy's)
NAILS: Drop Dead Red Manicure (*Sexy Mamas*)

ROMPER: Nicosia Sun Set in Berry (The Sea Hole) 
VEST: Floral John Cutoff Open Vest (Paperbag.)
SHOES: Fallen Angel Pumps *Color Tintable* (=SEXY BISH=) - Available at XYROOM now!

BRACELET: Naiad's Tears Bracelet (.bewildebeest.) - store closed.
BAG: Heart Bag in Brown Leo (Izzie's) - NEW!!!


Izzie Button rocks my world, okay? Is there anything she CANNOT do? If I had the linden, I would buy this heart bag in every color available. It's just so adorable! You can use the link on the right side to go to her blog, or you can use the link to her in-world store, also located to the right.

I've not much to say today, I suppose. It's 101 degrees here, with a humidity of 29%. I'm miserable, and even sadder for my terrier mix, who has way more hair than I do! I hope this entry is still informative, though! I'll update this entry (or write another entry) when it's cooler. 

A demain... 

EDIT: Why do people on game shows feel the need to include personal stories with their answers? I'm watching Family Feud. The question is "Name something a police officer carries at night." Answer? "I hope I never experience these, but handcuffs!!!"

??? Why ???  Small pet peeve.


Trust Us


SKIN: Sagal in Onyx ([theSkinnery])
EYES: Enchanting Eyes in Dark Brown (Nana Minuet)
HAIR: Tidal in Sin [of Blacks pack] (::Exile::)
HAIR BASE: Sangria (Truth)
NAILS: Classic Nails (Izzie's)
LIPSTICK: Lara Lipstick in Mahogany (Shakeup! Cosmetics)

DRESS: Maria Dress in Banana (urbana.)
SHOES: Yaya Sandals in Beach (urbana.)

EARRINGS: Nightbloom in Natura [of set including necklace and ring] (Kunglers Extra)
BRACELET: Luxuria [of set including earrings and necklace] (::Amorous::)
TIE: Tied (::Amorous::)
CLUTCH: Lem Clutch in BlueGreen (PRISS) - MESH


Remember that quest I was on for a "truly" dark skin? Well, I'd found The Skinnery, somehow, and noticed the Sagal skin. Ebony was the darkest tone of any of Uma's skins. Upon trying it on, it was confirmed to me that it was simply not dark enough for my tastes. This is when I contacted Umazuma (Uma!) and asked if she'd make Sagal in a darker tone. Thus, the "onyx" tone for this skin was born! I appreciate VERY much that Uma made this darker tone just because I asked for it. This should show you, my dear readers, that although creators/designers may seem inaccessible, some of them are very responsive and approachable! Of course, I'm not saying that designers should be harassed. However, if there is something you want, it is well worth the shot of contacting the designer and asking. What can you lose? 

Unfortunately, I haven't seen the onyx tone in skins released after Sagal. I would have loved to see the onyx tone become a permanent fixture to Uma's skin line, but... maybe later? For 1000L, you get nine skins (three amounts of cleavage times three brow options - no brow, light brow, and dark brown), three eyebrow shapers, pubic hair add-ons (underpants and tattoo layers), eyeshadow and bunny (or as it's spelled in the folder, "bunneh") teeth.

Tidal is for men! However, it's so androgynous. And doesn't it look grand on Inferna? I think so! I love this hair! It's taken me forever to wear this skin because I hadn't found the right hair for it. I think this hair perfectly "offers up" the face of Sagal.

I purchased the Lem Clutch for only 50L! I actually bought two of them. PRISS was having a closing sale, and I snatched this up as quickly as possible. I'm sad to see PRISS go. It's been one of my favorite stores since it debuted. I've been a fan every since I found the then-brand new store during a hunt.

Matchbook Monday made us a tie! You probably know the drill by now - you can resize this thing, you can retexture the metal, you can retexture the accents, you can retexture the spheres. And, not only that, the pack comes with two types of ties - one using chain and the other using cord. 

Lastly, although Shakeup! isn't closing, it's rebranding (or something to that effect...). This means SALE TIME! Now, I truly don't remember how much I paid for this Lara pack, but 60 lipsticks for only 199L? PFFT! It's a steal, whether it's reduced or retail price. Buy on the MP!

A demain...




SKIN: KastASpell in Choco (::Modish::)
EYES: Enchanting Eyes in Dark Brown (Nana Minuet)
HAIR: Alice Mesh Hair in Chocolate Mint (/Wasabi Pills/) - Available for 50L Friday!
NAILS: Classic Nails (Izzie's)
LIPSTICK: KastASpell Deeps, #4 (::Modish::)

TOP: Leopard Heart in Black (.::YoPulga::.) - Available at Perfect Wardrobe RIGHT NOW!
BOTTOMS: Tall Highwaist Jeans in Grunge Medium (into dust)
SHOES: Starwalk Platform in Taupe (::LC:: - Lethal Couture)

NECKLACE: Snowglobe Necklace (Polarbears) ([EY:NO])
BRACELET: GoldenLucite Bangle [of Corsage Ring, Bangles, and Polish Set] (The Sea Hole)
RING: Johanna Ring in Red Jasper (Earthstones)- Available at the June 2012 Collarbor88 collection!
BAG: Travel Bag in Black3 (KristicA)

I was so very sad to see 50L end, but it's back! The link I've provided, to the Seraphim blog, will show pictures of other 50L Friday offerings. It was a pretty good round! I've found that, in the past, some designers kept the 50L item out for a few days, purposefully or otherwise. You can TRY to see if the 50L items are still out. If not, oh well! You've only four more days until you make up for your dirty, shameful mishap! 

I'm wearing this wonderful skin from Modish, which is fast becoming one of my favorite skin creators in SL! For this skin, I paid 500L. It comes with two skins, with two different amounts of cleavage, and an eyebrow shaper. If you want makeup, you buy separate lipstick packs for 99L each. The shape, copyable and modifiable, is 150L. These are very good prices for such an adorable skin! At XYROOM, you can get one of Modish's skins, Amazona, for only 98L! It comes with one skin and an eyebrow shaper.

I've gotta run. 

A demain...




SKIN: Phoebe in Ebony (Laqroki)
EYES: Enchanting Eyes in Dark Brown (Nana Minuet)
HAIR: Witch in Snickers [of Chocolate Bars pack] (!lamb)
NAILS: Classic Nails (Izzie's)
LIPSTICK: Lips Matte 020 (cStar)

TOP: Aztec Mesh Top (wonder1and+kush) - Available at fi.Fridays RIGHT NOW!
BOTTOMS: Highwaist Denim in Grey (IMBUE.)
SHOES: Westaway Boots in Black (ISON)

EARRINGS: Stud Earrings (Sian Birke Jewelry)
NECKLACE: Diva Teddybear Necklace ([EY:NO])
BRACELET: Chimera Bracelets (::Amorous::)
GLASSES: Lolita Glasses in Black ([DDL])
BAG: Full Leather Holdall Bag Unisex (Tee*fy)


Phoebe is back! If you'll remember, Phoebe was my first and only "staple" skin when I started this blog. She was the original subject of my obsessive love!

I decided to give another pair of nails a try. Thus, I'm wearing Izzie's Classic Nails! The pack comes with 13 (that's right - THIRTEEN) gloves of 13 different skin tones, which are all modifiable. I'm wearing the ebony glove and modified it so that it matched Phoebe. It doesn't stop there; the pack comes with a HUD that allows for 39 nail color changes for your size 10, 15, or 20 hands!

I purchased these earrings a while ago from the Marketplace. Today, I'm not able to find them on the MP, although there is an inworld store (not listed on the MP but located through my profile stalkery skill: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nautilus%20-%20Hanno/206/16/23). If you click on either earring, you'll get a menu offering 12 gem color changes and 6 metal color changes. I can't remember what I paid for these, but I don't think they were more than 200L. I'd prefer bigger studs because these are hard to see unless you're zoomed in pretty close, and color changes are not so easily seen because of the small size. However, I suppose, they fit well for the look I had in mind. I love studs, and I think there should be more of them in SL! What say you?

EDIT: Thank hell for Blogger's autosave feature! This laptop has a battery/charger problem. If the charger is disconnected, the laptop is shut down immediately. I happened to move my leg the wrong way. Sigh...

Anyway, wonder1and+kush is a new brand! I can't wait to see more. There's no mainstore (or any store) for the shop yet, but the notecard that comes with this top promises one in the near future!

A demain...



Visit me! http://www.flickr.com/photos/thegirlvermilion/

I'm still adding loads of photos. I'll add older outfits when I get my computer back; on it are most of the pics you see in this blog.

A demain...




SKIN: Love_Cocoa in Shindig ([Illusory] - Available at Collabor88 now!
EYES: Enchanting Eyes in Dark Brown (Nana)
HAIR: Sonya in Treacle [of Dark Browns pack] (Truth)
NAILS: Drop Dead Red Manicure (*Sexy Mamas*)
TEETH: Teeth Set, #4 (Izzie's)

TOP: Miette Corset in 2 vs (versions) w/ pasties (ZIBWARE)
BOTTOMS: Skirt Ebby in Indigo (Emery)
SHOES: Color Block Prism Pump in Purple (ISON) - previous Collabor88 item

HAIR ACCESSORY: Ruf Ribbon, Brown Flowers (TokiD)
EARRINGS: Minou Earrings (Bliensen + MaiTai) - previous DIMH (Diamond is Mine Hunt) item
BRACELET: Ahki (::Amorous::)


So THIS version of the Love skin is available at the Collabor88 event for only 88L. The pack contains two skins (light brows and dark brows) and four eyebrow shapers. That's a pretty sweet deal for 88L. Interestingly - and I love this - a similar pack is available at TDR Blue's latest collection. I'm wearing Shindig here, from Collabor88, and the pack available at TDR Blue is called "Electric." Same thing - two skins and four eyebrow shapers. Of course, my skin whoredom necessitated that I buy both "extension packs" of the Love skin. And who am I to fight with the inner skinwhore?

I know that, lately, I have tended to bombard this blog with outfit upon outfit. I can only blame it on being born this way. (I'm on the right track... ) I started drawing fashion "plates" when I was about 14 and, by that age, had wanted to model for years. I've over 100 fashion drawings. Perhaps one of these days, I'll learn how to create stuff in SL and see those drawings become [Second] life! 

A demain...

Mickey Mouse is Dead


SKIN: Estella in Cocoa (Izzie's) - NEW!!!
EYES: Monet Truffle (Shine)
HAIR: YNO421 in Black [of Black/Chocolate/Purple pack] (*booN)
HAIRBASE: Twilight (Exile)
LIPSTICK: Dark Red (Izzie's) - included in Estella skin pack
NAILS: Drop Dead Red Manicure (*Sexy Mamas*)

TOP: DEADMM Sweater in Grey (R.icielli)
BOTTOMS: Denim Quarry #4 (Emery)
SHOES: Cassia Sandals in Teal (SLink)
BAG: My Duffel Bag in Blue Sequins (Milk Motion) - previous event item, but I can't remember which!

EARRINGS: Super Spike Unisex (Gems & Kisses) - previous MOOLTO hunt item
NECKLACE: Kandula Necklace in Gold (*League*)


What is HAPPENING to me? I think I'm starting to like GIMP! *gasp*

Izzie's got a new skin! Her name is Estella, and she introduces two new tones, cocoa and ebony. They both are darker than Izzie's previously darkest tone, mocha, with ebony being the darkest. I am SO happy with this release. As usual, you get a modifiable (and copyable) shape. I love that so much because shapes are so vital for the way you desire to look. You won't find many creators who give you a skin (and, actually, several skins because of options) AND a modifiable shape for 990L. Now, the dark tones (mocha, cocoa, and ebony) only include one eyebrow option. The skin tones that come with more eyebrow options (dark, light, red, and blonde brows with cleavage/non-cleavage versions of each) cost a mere $1,170L! Also inside each skin tone pack are two freckles tattoo layers (face only or body and face), 12 lipsticks on tattoo layers, 12 eyeshadows on tattoo layers, a nail base on the glove layer, a modifiable/copyable shape, and an eyebrow shaper. Izzie Button, I luvs you!

Also, up until now, the group has not been a VIP group. But now it is at a cost of 250L. Don't be bummed; VIP usually implies, and definitely does mean in this case, monthly gifts that are exclusive to group members! One creator comes to mind who charges a group join fee but does NOT give monthly (or any) gifts that I have seen so far. So this is a 250L well spent!

And the Cassia sandals? They are really neat. You can change the color of the leather (brown or black), the color of your nails, the color of your skin, of course, and the color of the toe rings. You can wear a toe ring on BOTH feet, one feet, or none! I love these things!

I HATE when I can't remember which event from which I purchased an item. I will probably dig and dig until I find out where I got this duffel bag from. I'm thinking it was a discontinue sale where all items headed for retirement were only 50L. I could be wrong, but I am definitely going to try to remember this. That's why blogs exists, so you can know what events are really, really worth your time! It's pretty lame to put "ummmm, I can't remember where I got this from!"

I'll update as soon as I find out. Even if it's discontinued, I'd still like to provide as much information as I can!

A demain...


Sordid Girl


SKIN: Moana skin in Native ({.essences.})
EYES: Enchanting Eyes in Dark Brown (Nana)
HAIR: Charlize in Bournville [of Dark Brunette pack] (LeLutka)
NAILS: Drop Dead Red Manicure (*Sexy Mamas*)

DRESS: Melrose in White (-paper.doll-) - Available now at the Chic2 event!
SOCKS: Overknee Button Socks in Navy (*G-Field*)

SHOES: Wedge Boots in Blue (GizzA)

CLUTCH: Rio Carry-All Clutch in Fiesta (OSAKKI) - Available now at the Chic2 event!
EARRINGS and NECKLACE: Conquistador (::Amorous::)


I lied! (I guess?) I did try to stay away from you, but I just couldn't! Plus, I was able to get through GIMP. I do prefer Photoshop just because that's all I've ever used, not because GIMP doesn't do most, if not all, of everything that Photoshop does. It just takes some getting used to.

I seriously could have bought EVERY version of this clutch. It's truly one of my favorites. However, because I buy all of the items I blog, I often can't splurge like I'd truly like to splurge. So I look each clutch over carefully and just picked one. I'm pleased with my choice, but I would have been pleased with any of the clutches on which my trusty little touchpad would have landed. 

Speaking of favorites, Inferna is wearing no makeup with this skin. It's beautiful without enhancement! I'm seriously considering purchasing the latest skin from .essences., Michelle.

Chic2 is full of must-have items from several must-have brands. Do NOT miss out!

Now, I'm off to wreak some linden-spending havoc at TDR Blue's and Collabor88's newest collections! Now that I think about it, I'll be sure to add a gadget to the right with all my favorite reoccuring events.

A demain...


My Computer is a WHORE

Why? Because I dropped it some time ago, and it DARED malfunction on me. WTF man?

I dropped it, so it's experiencing a few setbacks. The fan is really loud, and the CD/DVD drive is destroyed. Go. Me.

I can't expect to have it back sooner than two weeks, says ze Geek Squad. I'm using my SL and RL partner's laptop, and let me tell you, it is el crappo. It's an old laptop of mine that I gave to him since I'd gotten a new one. The laptop I just dropped, and even the one before that, has spoiled me. I don't know how I used this thing before. It's so... bare. Dell doesn't even make this model anymore; what does THAT tell you? Also, this laptop doesn't have Photoshop. I've been told that GIMP is like a free Photoshop, so I may check that out for times like these!

So it will be at least another two weeks before I can update this blog with any looks. But I'll still be able to compose looks in SL, albeit against terrible lag almost promised by the use of an outdated laptop.

A demain...


Full of It



SKIN: Love Cocoa, Smoked ([Illusory)
EYES: Enchanting Eyes in Dark Brown (Nana)
HAIR: Catwalk in Sable (Fit 2) [of Dark Browns pack] (::Exile::) - NEW!

LIPSTICK: Sasha Lipstick in Wine (Shakeup!)
NAILS: Drop Dead Red Manicure (*Sexy Mamas*)

DRESS: Yulia Dress in Ocean (.urbana) - previous TDR item
SHOES: Starwalk Platform in Mulberry (::Lethal Couture::)
BAG: The Ireben Carry in White (Indyra Originals) - previous DIMH (Diamond is Mine Hunt) item

EARRINGS and NECKLACE: Sy in Peacock (Zibska)
BRACELET: LOULOU&CO - previous DIMH item


I suppose I should be less picture-heavy, yeah? Yeah. So I attempted merging a few of the images together. Let me tell you, I haven't done anything other than the basic in PS for a while. It took me at least an hour to merge all three of the images. This is partly because of the amount of time it's been since my last more-than-elementary experience with PS and partly because I'm too scatter brained to realized it could have been done an easier way.

OH. WELL. I like the effect; it almost resembles a Label Motion vendor. This is a good thing!

A demain...