SKIN: Phoebe in Ebony (Laqroki)
EYES: Enchanting Eyes in Dark Brown (Nana Minuet)
HAIR: Witch in Snickers [of Chocolate Bars pack] (!lamb)
NAILS: Classic Nails (Izzie's)
LIPSTICK: Lips Matte 020 (cStar)

TOP: Aztec Mesh Top (wonder1and+kush) - Available at fi.Fridays RIGHT NOW!
BOTTOMS: Highwaist Denim in Grey (IMBUE.)
SHOES: Westaway Boots in Black (ISON)

EARRINGS: Stud Earrings (Sian Birke Jewelry)
NECKLACE: Diva Teddybear Necklace ([EY:NO])
BRACELET: Chimera Bracelets (::Amorous::)
GLASSES: Lolita Glasses in Black ([DDL])
BAG: Full Leather Holdall Bag Unisex (Tee*fy)


Phoebe is back! If you'll remember, Phoebe was my first and only "staple" skin when I started this blog. She was the original subject of my obsessive love!

I decided to give another pair of nails a try. Thus, I'm wearing Izzie's Classic Nails! The pack comes with 13 (that's right - THIRTEEN) gloves of 13 different skin tones, which are all modifiable. I'm wearing the ebony glove and modified it so that it matched Phoebe. It doesn't stop there; the pack comes with a HUD that allows for 39 nail color changes for your size 10, 15, or 20 hands!

I purchased these earrings a while ago from the Marketplace. Today, I'm not able to find them on the MP, although there is an inworld store (not listed on the MP but located through my profile stalkery skill: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nautilus%20-%20Hanno/206/16/23). If you click on either earring, you'll get a menu offering 12 gem color changes and 6 metal color changes. I can't remember what I paid for these, but I don't think they were more than 200L. I'd prefer bigger studs because these are hard to see unless you're zoomed in pretty close, and color changes are not so easily seen because of the small size. However, I suppose, they fit well for the look I had in mind. I love studs, and I think there should be more of them in SL! What say you?

EDIT: Thank hell for Blogger's autosave feature! This laptop has a battery/charger problem. If the charger is disconnected, the laptop is shut down immediately. I happened to move my leg the wrong way. Sigh...

Anyway, wonder1and+kush is a new brand! I can't wait to see more. There's no mainstore (or any store) for the shop yet, but the notecard that comes with this top promises one in the near future!

A demain...

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