Mickey Mouse is Dead


SKIN: Estella in Cocoa (Izzie's) - NEW!!!
EYES: Monet Truffle (Shine)
HAIR: YNO421 in Black [of Black/Chocolate/Purple pack] (*booN)
HAIRBASE: Twilight (Exile)
LIPSTICK: Dark Red (Izzie's) - included in Estella skin pack
NAILS: Drop Dead Red Manicure (*Sexy Mamas*)

TOP: DEADMM Sweater in Grey (R.icielli)
BOTTOMS: Denim Quarry #4 (Emery)
SHOES: Cassia Sandals in Teal (SLink)
BAG: My Duffel Bag in Blue Sequins (Milk Motion) - previous event item, but I can't remember which!

EARRINGS: Super Spike Unisex (Gems & Kisses) - previous MOOLTO hunt item
NECKLACE: Kandula Necklace in Gold (*League*)


What is HAPPENING to me? I think I'm starting to like GIMP! *gasp*

Izzie's got a new skin! Her name is Estella, and she introduces two new tones, cocoa and ebony. They both are darker than Izzie's previously darkest tone, mocha, with ebony being the darkest. I am SO happy with this release. As usual, you get a modifiable (and copyable) shape. I love that so much because shapes are so vital for the way you desire to look. You won't find many creators who give you a skin (and, actually, several skins because of options) AND a modifiable shape for 990L. Now, the dark tones (mocha, cocoa, and ebony) only include one eyebrow option. The skin tones that come with more eyebrow options (dark, light, red, and blonde brows with cleavage/non-cleavage versions of each) cost a mere $1,170L! Also inside each skin tone pack are two freckles tattoo layers (face only or body and face), 12 lipsticks on tattoo layers, 12 eyeshadows on tattoo layers, a nail base on the glove layer, a modifiable/copyable shape, and an eyebrow shaper. Izzie Button, I luvs you!

Also, up until now, the group has not been a VIP group. But now it is at a cost of 250L. Don't be bummed; VIP usually implies, and definitely does mean in this case, monthly gifts that are exclusive to group members! One creator comes to mind who charges a group join fee but does NOT give monthly (or any) gifts that I have seen so far. So this is a 250L well spent!

And the Cassia sandals? They are really neat. You can change the color of the leather (brown or black), the color of your nails, the color of your skin, of course, and the color of the toe rings. You can wear a toe ring on BOTH feet, one feet, or none! I love these things!

I HATE when I can't remember which event from which I purchased an item. I will probably dig and dig until I find out where I got this duffel bag from. I'm thinking it was a discontinue sale where all items headed for retirement were only 50L. I could be wrong, but I am definitely going to try to remember this. That's why blogs exists, so you can know what events are really, really worth your time! It's pretty lame to put "ummmm, I can't remember where I got this from!"

I'll update as soon as I find out. Even if it's discontinued, I'd still like to provide as much information as I can!

A demain...

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