SKIN: Lyse in Expresso, SPF307 (.:vive9:.)
EYES: Monet Truffel (Shine)
HAIR: GENIUS High Ponytail in Black (TuTy's)
NAILS: Drop Dead Red Manicure Prim Nails (*Sexy Mamas*)
LIPSTICK: LipColor in Matte Indulge Me/No Teeth [of Night Life Collection] (PIDIDDLE)
EYESHADOW: Brown shadow (R.icielli) - previous store Christmas hunt item

GOWN: Beaded Edging (Paper Couture)

EARRINGS and BRACELET: Luxuria (: Amorous :) 
HEADPIECE: Human Nature (A M E L I E R A E B E A U P A R L A N T) (or [AB] for short)


I'm almost positive that you won't find this [p.c.] gown in-world. I'm sure that this gown is part of store creator's, Ava Lu's, older (and now unavailable-inworld) collection. Therefore, because it's so awesome, here is the link to purchase it on the MP for only 400L! If you hit the "visit store" link under Ms. Lu's name on this page, you'll find other equally delicious, must-have gowns and outfits.

Guess what? We're under a heat advisory here in ol' 'Bama. Isn't that nice? Right now, it is 100 degrees but feels like 103 degrees. W.T.F. Thank bloody hell for Black Walnut ice cream on days like these!

A demain...

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