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SKIN: Sagal in Onyx ([theSkinnery])
EYES: Enchanting Eyes in Dark Brown (Nana Minuet)
HAIR: Tidal in Sin [of Blacks pack] (::Exile::)
HAIR BASE: Sangria (Truth)
NAILS: Classic Nails (Izzie's)
LIPSTICK: Lara Lipstick in Mahogany (Shakeup! Cosmetics)

DRESS: Maria Dress in Banana (urbana.)
SHOES: Yaya Sandals in Beach (urbana.)

EARRINGS: Nightbloom in Natura [of set including necklace and ring] (Kunglers Extra)
BRACELET: Luxuria [of set including earrings and necklace] (::Amorous::)
TIE: Tied (::Amorous::)
CLUTCH: Lem Clutch in BlueGreen (PRISS) - MESH


Remember that quest I was on for a "truly" dark skin? Well, I'd found The Skinnery, somehow, and noticed the Sagal skin. Ebony was the darkest tone of any of Uma's skins. Upon trying it on, it was confirmed to me that it was simply not dark enough for my tastes. This is when I contacted Umazuma (Uma!) and asked if she'd make Sagal in a darker tone. Thus, the "onyx" tone for this skin was born! I appreciate VERY much that Uma made this darker tone just because I asked for it. This should show you, my dear readers, that although creators/designers may seem inaccessible, some of them are very responsive and approachable! Of course, I'm not saying that designers should be harassed. However, if there is something you want, it is well worth the shot of contacting the designer and asking. What can you lose? 

Unfortunately, I haven't seen the onyx tone in skins released after Sagal. I would have loved to see the onyx tone become a permanent fixture to Uma's skin line, but... maybe later? For 1000L, you get nine skins (three amounts of cleavage times three brow options - no brow, light brow, and dark brown), three eyebrow shapers, pubic hair add-ons (underpants and tattoo layers), eyeshadow and bunny (or as it's spelled in the folder, "bunneh") teeth.

Tidal is for men! However, it's so androgynous. And doesn't it look grand on Inferna? I think so! I love this hair! It's taken me forever to wear this skin because I hadn't found the right hair for it. I think this hair perfectly "offers up" the face of Sagal.

I purchased the Lem Clutch for only 50L! I actually bought two of them. PRISS was having a closing sale, and I snatched this up as quickly as possible. I'm sad to see PRISS go. It's been one of my favorite stores since it debuted. I've been a fan every since I found the then-brand new store during a hunt.

Matchbook Monday made us a tie! You probably know the drill by now - you can resize this thing, you can retexture the metal, you can retexture the accents, you can retexture the spheres. And, not only that, the pack comes with two types of ties - one using chain and the other using cord. 

Lastly, although Shakeup! isn't closing, it's rebranding (or something to that effect...). This means SALE TIME! Now, I truly don't remember how much I paid for this Lara pack, but 60 lipsticks for only 199L? PFFT! It's a steal, whether it's reduced or retail price. Buy on the MP!

A demain...

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