I have GOT to get it together. I'll call my outfits one thing in my inventory and quite another at GV (this blog).


DRESS: Crossroads Gown (Paper Couture)
SHOES: Suede Wrap Wedge in White (SLink)
HAIR: Uma in Bistre (Maitreya)
EARRINGS and NECKLACE: Cathartik (Amorous)
CLUTCH: Catalan Clutch in Honeysuckle (Indyra Originals)

So ... I found Amorous at the Vintage Fair. Then, I went to the Amorous mainstore and then lost my mind and my linden. I had to have bought at least five sets of the mainstore. This is some outSTANDING jewelry.

One problem I have with some jewelry is that the jewels or stones are not big enough to see!  These are sizable and "cooperative," in that you are offered enough color options to match the jewelry well with any outfit you choose to don.