Ill Will


SKIN: Moana in Native ({.essences.})
EYES: Enchanting Eyes in Dark Brown (Nana)
HAIR: Glass Candy in Sci-Fi [of ROYGBIV packs] (!lamb)
NAILS: Drop Dead Red Manicure (*Sexy Mamas*)
LIPSTICK: Sasha Lipstick (Shakeup!)

OUTFIT: Mistress in White (Deviance)

EARRINGS: Disturbed Ear Piercing -Leopard Edition - (.Pekka.) - previous Grunge Soul Project item


I'm sure we've established that I am this ubermega skin-whore. So the Skin Showcase event had no chance, and I had no chance against it. Luckily, I only got about ... four skins, methinks. Moana one was one of them.

I've tried essences skins before but was never sold on one until today! I didn't even have to pair the skin with a lipstick because it is so perfect by itself. Essences skins may not be as "textured" as some skins (think freckles and such), but even without that level of texture, the skins are very realistic and pretty. I love the smooth appearance of essences skins. Moana comes in five skin tones. Each tone pack includes two blush layers, two freckle layers, three eyelash layers, and a mole layer - all as tattoo layers. Additionally, you get four styles of pubic hair, each style on a tattoo layer and an underpants layer, for a total of eight pubic hair layers. Each pack costs only 800L!

Oh, and these lipsticks? GET THEM! You get 20 colors, with three teeth options for each! I kid you not, you, thus, get 60 lipsticks for only 199L. What are you waiting for?

A demain...

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