SKIN: Paige_Bronzed in Latte ([Illusory])
EYES: Enchanting Eyes in Dark Brown (Nana Minuet)
LIPSTICK: Paige Lips in Hot Pink ([Illusory]) - Included in Paige skin!
 HAIR: Tendency [03] (Magika) - NEW!!!
NAILS: Drop Dead Red Manicure Prim Nails (*Sexy Mamas*)

TOP: Vintage Tube Top in Cocoa (Auxiliary) - VF2012 item!
SKIRT:  Highway Skirt in Charcoal (::Lethal Couture::)
SOCKS: Garter Socks in Black (Izzie's)
SHOES: Amen Distress Booties (::Lethal Couture::) - August 2012 group gift!

BRACELETS: I love NERD ({me.}); left, silver; right, black - previous Perfect Wardrobe items!
RING: Chained Ring in Black/Silver (-B L E U-)
CLUTCH: Hermes Blue Leather Clutch (Co57) - previous fi*Fridays item!

POSES: dfo!, Marukin (August C88), **Frozen**, Olive Juice and GLITTERATI


I love LC's shorter alternative to (or shorter version of) the "fishtail" skirt. The fit is sexy; it fits tightly and adds curves. And it's available in several colors! I couldn't think of any better shoes than LC's Amen Distress Booties. I don't know if I gave this warning in the entry that first references these boots, but I will probably wear them often. They are just my style and go with skirts, jeans, shorts - everything - especially skirts. 

Collabor88 is moving to its own sim! You'll be able to get onto that sim in two days. I'm not sure, but perhaps it will help with lag. Because it's pretty well known that every edition of C88 will rock, it's laggy as soon as word gets out that the newest collection is available. Perhaps the event having its own sim will help with that. WHO KNOWS? I don't want to get you all excited about the possible death of Mr. Lag Monster, but ... 

ANYWAY... finally, I found this clutch at an earlier fi*Fridays edition. And, for only 55L, one got two clutches with poses (one for left hand and one for right hand) and a no-pose version. From what I hear (don't tell anyone, okay?), there will be more of these in various colors. I have a gazillion clutches, but as my friend, Mikaela, reminded me, there is just no such thing as "too many clutches."

I suppose that's it for the day.

A demain...

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