The Love You Gave


SKIN: Maliah in SPF308, DeepExpresso (.: vive nine :.) - NEW!!!
EYES: Monet Truffle (Shine)
LIPSTICK: Maliah Cat Liner (.: vine nine :.) - included in Maliah skin pack!
 HAIR: Live Free in Dark Brown [of Browns pack] (pr!tty) - Hair Fair 2012 item!
NAILS: Drop Dead Red Manicure Prim Nails (*Sexy Mamas*)

DRESS: Glastonbury (*Stars* Fashion) - Coming soon at the Boho Culture Fair, October 15-31, 2012!
SHOES: Fae in Black ([Pixel Mode])

NECKLACE and RING: Nightbloom in Natura [of set including earrings, necklace and ring)  (Kunglers)
BRACELET: Gipsey (Moonshadow) - Coming soon at the Boho Culture Fair, October 15-31, 2012!
BAG: Studded Clutch in Rouge (Glam Affair) - previous TDR item!

POSES: Marukin and (pda)


I'm working a bit, so that's why it's been NINE days since I posted last. However, I had to stop by to show you a few things!

First, here's the new skin from vive9, Maliah! I purchased her in the darkest tone available, which is SPF308, aka DeepExpresso. Maliah is SO beautiful! The bone structure is out of this world. The lips need no cosmetics, but there are some available, of course! I've dressed her in many things since I got her yesterday, but this is the most fitting getup so far. She's got a really innocent look, and so she looked odd, to me, in my SWAG stuff. I'm very interested in seeing what other bloggers do with her. I'm sure she's already been dressed up in so many ways; I've just got to get around to viewing them! So there are the nine usual suspects (skin tone packs), and each package, you get five skins (the base skin; three with light brown, brown and black brows; and one with no brows), an eyebrow shaper, six beauty mark layers, a freckles layer, a cat-eye makeup layer, and a deep blush layer! That's for 1,095L. Then, there are makeup (eye AND lip) and cleavage add-ons. I bought a line of the lipsticks for 175L, with three lipsticks inside of the pack. I have a feeling that I will wear this skin out; I'm just warning you! 
Then, there's the Boho Culture Fair, which starts on October 15th! I'm really excited about this fair. I haven't seen much of what will be offered there, but, as you can see, there's going to be some really nice stuff. Do you know what my favorite brand is? It's Free People. NO ONE likes to go to Belk with me anymore because they KNOW I'm headed to the FP section, and I'm going to be there for a while. Free People stuff is exactly the type of stuff I'm hoping to see at the Fair! 

Click the picture below to find out more about the Fair!

A demain...

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