St. Louis


SKIN: Paige_Bronzed in Latte ([Illusory])
EYES: Enchanting Eyes in Dark Brown (Nana Minuet)
LIPSTICK: Paige Lips in Hot Pink ([Illusory]) - Included in Paige skin!
 HAIR: Iris in Black Out [of Blacks pack] (.ploom.)
NAILS: Drop Dead Red Manicure Prim Nails (*Sexy Mamas*)

OUTFIT (top and skirt): Tribal in Grayscale ([l u x u r i a n t])
SHOES: Yaya Sandals in Night (urbana.)

BRACELET: Judith Bracelet (The Golden Fleece)
RING: Veloura Ring (Kunglers) - previous TDR item!
BAG: Sophmore Satchel in Matted Brown ({mon tissu})


It's been some time! Well, it's been some time by my standards. Since I started actively blogging a few months ago, there hasn't been a week between posts. RL is a mess right now, but I hope I'll be able to keep up with the ol' bloggo a bit better than this past week or so.

New store! You can find [l u x u r i a n t] (or [l u x] for short) on the marketplace and inworld. Additionally, you can view her items on her Flickr page. She's (by she, I mean UnobtainableG Resident, owner of [l u x]) got some pretty things, perfect for mix-and-match whores such as myself. :P Her inventory, of course, is not so large, but it shows such promise. If this is what we have already, I can't wait to see what's in store for us!

I'm out, SONN!

A demain...

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