Never Enough


SKIN: Eliza in Ebony (Izzie's) - Seraphim Turns One Hunt item! ONLY 10L!
EYES: Fall (Shakeup! Cosmetics)
EYESHADOW: Smokey 1 (Izzie's) - Included in Estella skin pack!
LIPSTICK: Violet (Izzie's) - Included in Estella skin pack!
HAIR: Daisy in Bournville [of Dark Brunettes pack] (LeLutka) 
NAILS: Drop Dead Red Manicure Prim Nails (*Sexy Mamas*)

JUMPSUIT: Block Unitard in Black (IMBUE.)
SHOES: Night Lolita in Midnight (::LC:: - Lethal Couture)

HEADPIECE: Lovin' Headband in Apricot (::C'est la vie !::)
NECKLACE: Chum Necklace (*miel*) - past FLF item!
BRACELET:  Summer Edition Group Gift - past TFG (The Fashion Garrett) group gift!
BAG: Girly Briefcase in Cherry (The Secret Store)



An Izzie skin for only 10L? Not only that, it's a dark skin, which, as you know, is my preferred skin tone because it's my RL skin tone. I had to have it! TP to Izzie's Mainstore and find it. Ye! GET! Read Izzie's blog for more information on this item, including a hint! The hunt object only contains two versions of the skin (cleavage / non-cleavage) but, by now, you probably have several Izzie skins (or you should); thus, you can pair the lipsticks and eyeshadows from those packs with this Eliza skin. I used the makeups in my Estella skin to go with Eliza. Best 10L I've ever spent!

So I dropped by DDL to buy the new bag, "No, You Boys." And I bought that bag. In two colors. And I bought some earrings. And some makeup. And some poses. There's some great stuff there! And the poses are STUPID cheap; each pose is only 10L. 

The bag I'm wearing is loaded with options! You can change the handle, bow and sides of the purse to nine different colors each! I believe this was very, very discounted when I purchased it in December of 2011. It may still be. I will definitely check and then update the ol' bloggo.

The Chum Necklace is from Miel, so you probably know you can change the letters. It didn't just HAPPEN to come with "Never Enough" on it, silly rabbits! It comes with "Your" on the first string and "Name" on the second one. There's a HUD for changing the letters to whatever you'd like. Well, you'll have to "express yourself" with no more than eight characters on either string. You can say a lot with 16 characters, made up of letters, numbers, and a few symbols!

And in case you are wondering, TFG is no more, unfortunately. But some events come back, yeah? My fingers are crossed, for sure.

Now, I've gotta eat something. It's 4:54pm, and I have had only two pancakes and a cup of coffee!

A demain... 

EDIT: The briefcase is not on sale at The Secret Store any longer, BUT it is available for purchase at 199L. What you get for that price is four versions of the bag, two animated / non-animated bags for each hand.

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