Your River


SKIN: Indy in Dark ({.essences.}) - Coming Soon!
EYES: Enchanting Eyes in Dark Brown (Nana Minuet)
LIPSTICK: Matte Purrriwinkle Blue / No Teeth [of Imma Diva Collection]  (PIDIDDLE)
HAIR: Sunday in Brunette 4 [of Brunette A pack] (fd) - Available NOW at the HF2012!
HAIRBASE: Treacle (Truth)
NAILS: Drop Dead Red Manicure Prim Nails (*Sexy Mamas*)

TOP: Tee (Peqe) - previous Platinum Hunt item!
BOTTOMS: MetallicTrim Jean 3 (\/Remy\/)
SHOES: D'Ann Pumps in Coral, Limited Edition (::Hucci::) - previous subscribo gift!

HEADBAND: My Bunny Band in Sackdong ([monso]) - previous Bombi (Spring Rain) event item!
BRACELET: Friendo (*MIEL*) - previous FLF item!
BAG: No, You Boys... in Brown ([DDL]) - NEW!!!

POSES: Olive Juice and -no wow-


I had to make another look for this skin. The third picture - the closeup - really shows why you'll have to get this skin when it debuts. It's simply beautiful.

Usually, items that were part of a past event ("previous FLF item") are still available for sale. However, creators often make special items for hunts. That doesn't mean that a previous hunt item is not currently available for sale; it just means there is a chance that this is the case. Please do check the creator's stores, MP pages (if available), or just ask the creator!

Speaking of "asking the creator," and I have probably said this before, do NOT be afraid to ask questions! I used to be this way. I felt that, as a customer, relying on the talent of the creator and needing something, I was probably a bother. But I have been so fortunate as to have mostly pleasant and fruitful exchanges with SL creators. I can say, with conviction, that most designers in SL are very friendly and interested in what you have to say. Out of all the interactions I have had with designers, and believe me, there have been a LOT of them, only perhaps two of those were bad ones. And one of those was just because the designer ignored me, meaning the wrong act was more an act of omission rather than commission. And the second one? I requested a refund, and after an argument (exchange of differing accounts, not a yelling match), I was refunded 67% of the linden I spent.

I'd like to thank the following people. They have been more than patient, gracious, and downright sweet:

Matchbook Monday (of Amorous)
Izzie Button (of Izzie's)
Inka Mexicola (of Essences)
Evangeline Miles (of Evie's Closet)
Drinkinstein Sorbet (of The Sea Hole)
Bubbles Clawtooth (of Clawtooth)
Ele Brandi (of Modish)
Jasmine Lisle (of JAStore)
Aimee Novo (of EiDOLAN Skins)
Maya Toki-Doki (of TokiDoki)
Bee Dumpling (of The White Armory)
Truth Hawks (of Truth)
Vivienne Daguerre (of Black Rose)
Karla Marama (of Pr!tty)

I have a feeling that these are only a few of the people I should be thanking. But some people helped me probably a year ago, and I'm just a 1.5 years old! Vivienne, for example, helped me to find a legitimate SL hennin, since you couldn't find one of those ANYWHERE. Well, you couldn't find a good one. That was probably three months or so into my SL experience. 

For each of these designers, I simply reached out. They are great, sweet people! If you have a question or concern, don't be afraid to ask! The outcome may be more positive than you could have ever imagined. SO DO IT!

A demain...

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