American Girl


SKIN: Indy in Dark ({.essences.})
EYES: Brown Eyes 01 [of Realistic Eyes Set BAG] (Vanilla C. Designs) - store closed
LIPSTICK: Sasha Lipstick in Cello (Shakeup!)
HAIR: Elvira in Charcoal [of Black pack] (**Pocket Mirrors**)
HAIRBASE: Black (*booN)
NAILS: Drop Dead Red Manicure Prim Nails (*Sexy Mamas*)

OUTFIT: i(heart)Unity, USA (Indyra Originals) - NEW!!!
SHOES: Booties in Black Reptile (BAX)

EARRINGS Dip Dye Earrings ([glow]) - previous TDR item!
TIE: Tied (::Amorous::)
BRACELET Chimera (::Amorous::)

POSES: [DDL], PurplePoses and (pda)
 How frickin' awesome is this NEW getup from Indyra Originals!?! And you have several countries from which to choose: Australia, China, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Russia, South Korea aaaand USA!

It comes with the top (in the standard mesh sizes), shorts (not mesh) and socks (not mesh and in four versions, with black, red, blue and white stripes). You also get, of course, a requisite alpha layer. Then, you get an optional lower alpha and, my favorite, a texture-change hairband. The hairband didn't go that well with the Elvira hairstyle, buuuuttt for you...

 UGH! So cute!

I'm wearing this long hair from lamb called Blush (in Snickers) so that you can properly see the headband. Touch the bow and you get, not only a resizer menu, but also a choice of seven different colors (for just the bow part, not the headband).
It sounds unbelievable, but you get the entire outfit for a mere 325L. It awaits you here!

And what can I say about Indy? I'm in love with Indy. She's definitely in my "favorites" folder. 

Lastly, it's 4:28am here. Perhaps I get too excited about SL fashion, yeah? I blame it on the two cups of coffee and Indyra Seigo (of Indyra Originals) and Inka Mexicola (of Essences). My fiance says I am like a toddler in that I fight sleep for no apparent reason. Maybe... 

Well, now I'm just rambling and stalling. Sorry. Enjoy shopping!!

A demain...

EDIT: I now remember what I forgot to tell you! Indyra Originals has this awesome policy whereby group members receive 50L in store credit for each purchase of a new release!

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