Neurotic. If I had to use one word to describe myself, neurotic would be it. Since it was announced that Collabor88 would add a blogger to its blogger list, which was around the end of September, I have completed photos then dumped them. Completed then dumped. Completed then dumped. My laptop, of course, is not functional. My fiance let me use his laptop (which is actually an old laptop of mine). But the recommended graphic settings for that one were set at "medium," which was indicative of its crappy performance, for photos and otherwise.

Finally, I said, "You know what? You are NEVER going to get this done." I think anyone who creates anything is super critical of his or her own product, but it was getting to be a bit ridiculous. So. Here it is. I will also show you all the other ones I created for the contest.


SKIN: Love_Shindig in Cocoa ([Illusory]) - June 2012 C88 item!
HAIR: Girlfriend in a Coma in Snickers [of Chocolate Bars pack] (!lamb) - September 2011 C88 item!

TOP: Plath Blouse in Black (Kyoot) - February 2012 C88 item!
SHORTS: Maddy Shorts in Sky (The Sea Hole) - August 2011 C88 item!
SHOES: Miraya Open-Toe Bootie (ISON) - August 2012 C88 item!

EARRINGS: Endearing Earrings, Steel (Atomic) - July 2012 C88 item!
BRACELET (left hand): Moon Stone Scale Cuff [of set including] (The Sea Hole) - July 2012 C88 item!
BRACELET and RING (right hand): Golden Lucite Bangles in Noir [of set including ring, bangles and nail polish] (The Sea Hole) - November 2011 C88 item!

POSE: New Orthophony [of Pack Two] (pda) - December 2011 C88 item!

I'm standing at (or around) the Evolve mainstore!


Here are some of the "entries" that didn't make the "Inferna Cut." (LOL).

Same outfit but I'm standing in the Stockholm Attic from Barnesworth Anubis, offered at the July 2012 round of Collabor88! I wanted the space to suggest more apparently that it was living space, so I added LISP suitcases and some effects from Thistle Homes' Love Letters Desk.

In these two photos, I'm still in the Stockholm Attic. And also in both, I'm wearing the Soft hairstyle from [elikatira] (from November 2011 C88) and the Sailor Shorts from -tres blah- (from February 2012 C88). In the first one, I have on The Sea Hole's Davenport Blouse (from October 2012 C88) and the Hampton Necklace from LaGyo (from July 2012 C88). Then, in the second one, I have on a blazer from House of Fox, socks from Kyoot, and I'm carrying Auxiliary's Tiny Tote (all from  September 2012 C88). Finally, I'm wearing a necklace from Maxi Gossamer (from August 2012 C88).

Obviously, I was BENT on staying in my dear Stockholm Attic. But once my fiance bought and installed a graphics card upgrade, I was really enjoying seeing shadows for the first time. It's amazing how much pop that little "lighting and shadows" option grants to a photo!

I also have two other photos, but I didn't edit one of them, and I mistakenly deleted the other from Blogger, so I would need to get back on fiance's computer to get it. I suppose they don't matter anyway; I'm only submitting the very first picture in this blog entry. I was just meaning to show you how indecisive and crazy I am. :P

Make sure to head on over to C88's Flickr Pool to check out other entries and more posts on C88 items! And you still have time to check out the October 2012 collection at C88 here.

Finally, I owe a big thanks to Amazon Silverweb and Harry Hyx (the former for relaying the message to the latter) for the corrected Miraya booties!

Now, it's EAT time. I'm off to ravage the refrigerator.

A demain...

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