(on ze left)

SKIN: Maliah in SPF308, Deep Expresso (.: vive nine :.)
EYES: Dramatic Eyes in BlackWalnut, Small (MIASNOW)
EYELINER: Liquid Eyeliner in Black Matte (Cheap Makeup)
LIPSTICK: Pomegranate Lip Jelle ([mock]) - past fundraiser (One Voice) item!
 HAIR: Sirah II in Black 04 [of Blacks pack] ([BURLEY])
NAILS: Classic Nails (Izzie's)

TOP: SoHo BoHo Top (:::Le Primitif:::) - previous Stuff in Stock item!
BOTTOMS: Leggings [of outfit including top and leggings] (erratic) - current group gift!
SHOES: London FW Satin Pumps [from Fashion Show Gift Bag] (::T.G.I.S::)

BRACELET: Bangled, 1 (::Amorous::)
NECKLACE (short): 100 Necklace in Silver ([7891.]) -  Available NOW at fi*Fridays!
NECKLACE (long): Indian Summer Lovebug (Maxi Gossamer) - September 2012 C88 item!
RING: Open Tri Ring in Sky (Aztec)
BAG: I <3 My City Bag ([glow] studio) - previous TDR item!

POSE: **Frozen** Poses
(on ze right)

SKIN: Sapphire in Toffee (*Leafy*) - previous event (Skin Obsession) gift!
EYES: Dramatic Eyes in BlackWalnut, Small (MIASNOW)
 HAIR: Mayim in Treacle [of Dark Browns pack] (Truth)
NAILS: Classic Nails (Izzie's)

DRESS: Harvest Moon Hanky Dress (FATAL) - Gift at the Boho Culture Fair!
SHOES: Platform Stilettos in Blood (justB) - store closed

EARRINGS: Torus [of set including earrings and necklace] (::Amorous::)
BRACELET: Native Daydream [of set including earrings and bracelet] (Yummy)
NECKLACE: The Human Mind in Black (RaMa RoWanberry) - available NOW at 50L sale! (LM at link)

POSE: **Frozen** Poses
I was looking around on Flickr yesterday and noticed some BURLEY hairs that I didn't have. So I dropped by and bought two hairs, this one and another called Stasia. It's 300L for each color pack!
ALSO, I hope you're gearing up for Tomorrow Today, the fundraiser for Matchbook Monday! It will start in less than a week! I've set up a Flickr page for the event. Here, bloggers and shoppers can post pictures of all the goodies at the event. Join, join, join!
Finally, I leave you with ... Josh Burrow (ummmmmm where have you seen him? Captain Morgan commercials).
You can look, but you can't touch. You're welcome nevertheless. :P

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