SKIN: Molly in Tan (IREN)
 HAIR: Sonya in Sangria  [of Reds pack] (Truth)

DRESS: Dali Dress Gown (CHANTKARE) - previous event (The Fashion Garrett) item! event closed
CHOKER: Bound Collar, Crossed (*L.inc*) - previous fundraiser (One Voice) item!
NECKLACE: Seven Fingers Necklace, Female (::Yellow JesteR::)
MASK with HAIR FLOWER: Dia de los Muertos (Shakeup!) - Available NOW at The Costume Ball!

POSES: Glitterati
I've nothing much to say, BUT I do want to tell you a little more about Shakeup's Costume Ball item. First, you get two styles of the mask, each of which are tattoo layers. Secondly, you get a hair flower for the right side of your big head and one for the left side of your big head (:P).  And, finally, you can retexture the flowers! The bigger, middle flower can be changed to 14 different colors, and the same goes for the smaller flowers outside the bigger, middle flower! How much will you pay for it? A mere 250L! So get ye to ze Costume Ball!

A demain...

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