So you all know what I think about Matchbook Monday and her store, Amorous.

Weeeeelllll, she's made a RIDICULOUS skybox for a mere 99L. Imagine the quality and customization you get with Amorous jewelry. Now imagine that as applied to a big build!


Skybox measures approximately 32 x 25 meters.
Skybox, without decor, is 58 prims.
Skybox, with decor, is 91 prims.

- Included is a package called Decor. This is just the various decor included, boxed up in case you delete some of it, but then decide you'd like some more of it. Having it boxed separately saves you having to re-rez the entire structure just for a deleted piece.
- Some of the items in your Skybox are scripted. Be sure to check them! (Scripts in these can be, if you'd prefer, deleted. Simply Touch the item and select "Options" and then "Delete". This will delete the scripts)
- Your Skybox has Copy and Modify permissions. Be sure to "Edit Linked Parts" when you edit various components, lest you break the actual build.
- Your Skybox has a Light switch and a main Control Panel. No doors, thus no door/lock/other script/s needed, but the lights can be turned on and off. Touch the Control Panel prim (center of build, approximately) to engage the menu where you can adjust:
- The Lounge floors
- The bedroom (or other) floors
- The Chimney textures (3 choices)
- The window and Fireplace privacy settings (Open, Half, Closed)
- The various wall colors
- And more!

Here are some pictures:

And finally, go see it in-world!

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