Poor Unfortunate Soul


SKIN: Aleria / Nightbringer's Death, Retro (The Plastik.) - previous Very Important Hunters Hunt item
 HAIR: Skye, Ethereal [of Whites pack] (/Wasabi Pills/) - matching hairbases included! Thank you, MissAllSunday!
LIPSTICK: Lip Gloss, CherryKiss (*Leafy*)

GOWN: Goth Octopus Dress ([Aliza Karu) - Thank you, Aliza! 

NECKLACE: Thassa Pendant II, Female (T R I D E N T Jewelry) - Thank you, Rossanna!
TRIDENT: ** Taliesins Tails ** Animated Trident (Affinity Boutique) - FREE at the MP!

POSES: ::Jazumi::, Grixdale, Glitterati and \/Remy\/


This was SUCH a fun look to make, and I have several designers to thank! I knew I wanted to come up with an Ursula look a few months ago. However, I didn't want to make it a look for Halloween; I just LOVE Ursula. Stylish and cunning, how can you NOT adore her? Ariel didn't need her voice ANYWAY! 
You say "villain"; I say "misunderstood." To-may-to, To-mah-to - WHATEVER!

MissAllSunday Lemon (of Wasabi Pills): I approached several designers, asking if they'd be interested in creating an Ursula-like hairstyle. I even included a picture for reference in my notecard request. Of course, I know these designers are busy, but I'm a psycho who had her eyes and mind intently on my Ursula dream. I had to ask! No one responded, let alone obliged, save MissAllSunday! Again, I know that these designers are creating for their stores AND events all the time. I didn't expect anything, BUT I appreciate so much Ms. Lemon's acknowledgment AND fulfillment of my request with her Skye release. After she'd received my request, she responded that she would try. Thus, I wasn't sure if she would actually create an Ursula hair. But she did! And I was super pleased; I went down to her store and purchased immediately! This was in August, and after waiting on a few other things to fall in place, I am finally posting the look! Thank you, MissAllSunday! Thank you SO much!

Aliza Karu (of AD Creations Doll House): On my quest to recreate Ursula in SL, I set out to find a gown! Ursula's gown in the Disney film was a black, sleek gown that tapered into tentacles. The tentacles were black on top and purple on bottom. I searched on the MP for an acceptable gown and found Aliza Karu's and one other's gown. After requesting a review copy for both, the latter declined. And Aliza Karu responded by not only sending a review copy to me but making a purple edition just for me! This way, I could include the purple underside of the tentacles. I don't think this purple edition is for sale, since she only made it to shut me up temporarily (just kidding, Aliza :P), but you can find the all-black version on the MP for only 550L! Thank you SO much, Ms. Karu!

Rossana Llewellyn (of T R I D E N T): Finally, there's T R I D E N T! Again, I was searching on the MP for components to my Ursula look. There, I found T R I D E N T's seashell necklaces! There are three versions of the Thassa Pendant. I thought Thassa II was closer to Ursula's voice-holding pendant. Rossana responded so graciously to my request and sent me a review copy of Thassa II! I told her that I might colorize so that it was yellow, just like it was in the Disney movie. However, I decided against it because I don't think it was necessary! It's great just the way it is. Thank you greatly, Ms. Llewellyn!

There was something else I wanted to say, but I've forgotten! 

Again, Happy Halloween!!


  1. hahahaha ty too, love this Ursula!♥

    1. I'm glad to hear that. I did my best!! I couldn't have done it without your gorgeous creation, that's for sure. :D