Get in Line


SKIN: Indy in Dark ({.essences.})
EYES: Eyes in Fall (Shakeup!)
HAIR: Kiss Me in Sin [of Blacks pack] (::Exile::)
LIPSTICK: Bright Matt Lipstick in Fuchsia (Shakeup!)
NAILS: Classic Nails (Izzie's)

TOP: Seashell Blouse in Old Lavender (*League*) - previous FLF item!
SHORTS: High Waist Vintage Short in Teal (Milk Motion) - Available NOW at the VF2012!
LEGGINGS: Desert [of Patterned Tights II pack] (Izzie's)
SHOES: Alexa Wedges (Maitreya) - previous FLF item!

NECKLACE: Amelie Pearl Necklace ([glow]) - previous TDR item!
RING: Multi Triangle Ring - current TDR item!
CLUTCH: City Clutch in Black (GOTZSCHE)

POSES:Marukin (Available NOW at August C88!) and Label Motion (previous Perfect Wardrobe item!)


It's been too long! I've been having some internet connectivity problems. But I've had the present connection for what seems like a whopping five hours, so I'm hoping the issue has passed. 

Speaking of Exile (:P), there's FOUR new releases! FOUR! Behold.

A demain...

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