SKIN: Love in Cocoa_Smoked (Illusory) - 30 lipsticks included! I'm wearing "Burnt Red (Teeth)"
EYES: Enchanting Eyes in Dark Brown (Nana)
HAIR: GaEun in Black 03 [of Blacks pack] ([BURLEY])
NAILS: Drop Dead Red Manicure (*Sexy Mamas*)

TOP: Lacey Little Top in Peach (Kyoot)
BLAZER: Floral Jacket in Fall (TokiDoki)
SHORTS: Minx Shorts in Brown (Mon Tissu)
SHOES: Deck Shoes in Blue Leather (Plausible Body)

EARRINGS: Cycle dans la Chocolaterie [set of earrings, necklace and ring] (PurpleMoon Creations)
NECKLACE: Julia Necklace Long (The Golden Fleece) - only 10L!


You've seen my previous posts, yeah? You must know, then, how absolutely IN LOVE I am with this skin.

I stood in front of the vendor art for this skin, debating dropping 1K for it. I said, "No" then "Yes" at least five times each, but in the end, the skin overtook me, I tell you! 

It comes with two versions of 15 lipsticks, with teeth and without teeth.  These 15 lipsticks are, in turn, divided into five folders. Of course, the whole set is boxed inside of the skin's folder. It's a whole lotta unpacking, but do you SEE the skin? It's well worth the dragging-and-dropping.

I absolutely didn't mean for Inferna's eyes to be closed in one of these shots, but I actually like the way it turned out. Do you?

I bought three other skins with which I am also infatuated. And I've asked two designers - League and The Skinnery - if they'd be so kind as to create the Jen and Sabal skins, respectively, in darker tones. I'd love to have them, but they are a bit light for my tastes.

Also, I'm not sure about Plausible Body. I got these shoes (for really cheap) when I first joined SL, so I'm not even sure if they are still around. I'll check now, actually, to sate my own curiosity. 

A demain!

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