I know, I know;  I just made Blogger officially hate me.

What I'm wearing:

Skin: Phoebe2 (LAQ)
Hair: Vappu (Tukinowaguma)
Lipstick: Fire (LpD*
Shirt: Chiffon Shirt, Pink Roses (GizzA)
Pants: Sheens' Leather Gray Pants (*The Gentry)*
Boots: Moshi ankle boots with roses (ALEIDA)
Bracelet: Nevermore (LOULOU&CO)*
Earrings: Superspike (Gems and Kisses)*
Necklace: Pearls and Diamonds, white (*JD*)*

* Guess what the items marked with an asterisk have in common? I paid absolutely nothing for them! I am a member of so many shopping and bargain-hunting groups that ... well, I can make pretty decent outfits without spending so much linden (or is it "so many lindens"? Anyway...)

First, the lipstick. I LOVE this group gift lipstick. I'm pretty sure it's featured in at least 75% of my outfits. If not, that's a shame. LpD (Les Petit Details) is one of my many favorite shops as anything "hipster" or quirky is going to demand my attention. I consider my style to be "hipster," so LpD is one of my many favorite "hipster" shops. They also make great skins.

Second, the pants were part of an outfit called "Anastasia's Eyes" from the Gentry. I didn't pay for this outfit, and it is a great outfit. I wish I could remember where I got it from. If I do remember, I will update this blog entry (but I shop so much and stalk bargains like a crazed woman, so I doubt I'll remember. I'm sorry).

All the jewelry items (necklace, bracelet, and earrings) are hunt items! So what shall we take from this little fact? HUNTS = LOVE. I do as many QUALITY hunts (not just hunts) as I can do. The earrings from G&K (Gems and Kisses) will probably be featured in many, many outfits because they are perhaps my favorite pair of earrings. Well... there is Donna Flora ... which is yet ANOTHER creator worthy of her own entry!

(Sorry. Tangent...)

I included a sort of "outline" view of my hair from the profile angle because the pictures really do no justice to the actual hair style. So, by seeing the "outlines" of the hair, you can see the shape of it and, of course, just how great this hair is. By the way, if you're looking for elegant and/or "haute couture" hair, Tukinowaguma is one of the best places to visit. Ooooh, I sense another creator-specific entry.

Do you see where this is headed? If I even mention a brand name, chances are that I am obsessed enough to want to give it its own entry.

I discovered GizzA in my first MOOLTO Sisters Hunt. (Another "btw": If you have never participated in a MOOLTO hunt, you have been missing out. Out of all the hunts I have completed, MOOLTO is my favorites, hands down). When I got to GizzA during the hunt, I decided to look around because ... I'm just not one of those hunters who get the freebie and run. I actually adhere to the very purposes of hunts (to garner exposure for the participating stores). Anyway, I started looking around and actually purchased five items after I picked up my hunt item.

A demain!

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