Actually, this outfit shows me as being dressed for the gym, maybe, for exercise. But I'm feeling witty today, so I just called this outfit "Exorcised."

What I'm Wearing:

Skin: Pheobe4 (LAQ)
Hair: Neve (Truth)
Outfit: Winter Explorer Indian Brown (Opium)*

*The bodysuit, the leg warmers and boots, and the arm warmers are all part of Opium's Winter Explorer Indian Brown outfit. I also have this outfit in black because, hey, why not buy such a WONDERFUL outfit in more than one color?

It is very rare to find a complete outfit that doesn't sacrifice quality in the name of quantity or "fullness" of the outfit. So I was pleased to find this particular outfit from Opium. You get a truly complete outfit (not "jewelry included" complete, but "shoes and other accessories included" complete), and every item included is so very wonderful. Opium doesn't put out crap products in the first place, but WOW; for 299L, this outfit is a STEAL.

You can see everything that is included for yourself in this brown version of the outfit. (I apologize in advance for all the women and "gifters" who will be 299L short as a result of the posting of this link):  You'll thank me later! NO, REALLY.

A demain!

(I will always say "A demain" whether or not I actually return tomorrow, but you loooove me anyway!)

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