"Meticulous" is one of my favorite words. And in this entry, I get to show off one of the most meticulous brands in SL, Miel! (Cue preaching...) If you haven't heard of Miel, then shame on you!

I stumbled upon Miel while shopping on the MP. There, I found an item and decided I had to see the in-world store. I went, and it's just been love ever since. Anyway, here is an outfit I composed yesterday featuring some three Miel items.

And here is why Miel is "meticulous":

As you can see, my necklace and my bracelet show specific names. Of course, I didn't buy it this way; both items come with a HUD that allows you to customize 16 spaces. And you may customize with letters, numbers, and characters (including hearts and smiley faces).

The shoes that I am wearing are equally customizable. You may change the color of four elements of the shoe: the actual shoe, the piping, the strap, and the button. And the shoe that you click on is the shoe you are customizing. Thus, you can totally have a "raw umber" right shoe and a "blackberry" left shoe if you wanted. Awesome, no? I forgot to mention, the shoe can be changed to 12 different colors! Talk about options!

Thus, if you like have an insane amount of options, Miel is the way to go!

I'll finish this entry once I have more time. I'm leaving for work!

Ja mata!

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