What I'm Wearing:

Skin: Phoebe2 (LAQ)
Hair: Astrid (Truth)
Makeup: Lipstick gift from LpD (Les Petit Details)
Leg Tattoo: "Flowers Again Flowers" Dollarbie
Top: ::LC:: POP Denium Blank Corset [monroe]
Skirt: Accountant Tied Up (Phoenix Rising)*
Earrings: Dalia (Loordes of London)
Necklace: Necklace Spring (**Just You**)**
Shoes: Baby T's - Plain - Hot Pink (Pixel Mode)

* The Accountant Tied-up is an outfit, including a top and a tie. I am wearing only the skirt from the outfit. Also, for your information, and please try not to drown me in kisses for telling you this (:P), but everything at Phoenix Rising is 25L. EVERYTHING. There are also items for men. I participated in the store's closing sale some months ago. I'm sure there's no longer a store, but here's the marketplace link to the storefront.

** I obtained this necklace during the second Mix and Match Hunt. A friend complimented me on the necklace, and I attempted to find the item for her. However, I just couldn't find it! It was then that I realized it was a hunt item and that, perhaps, the item was not generally available. If you participated in that hunt, then you probably have this necklace. If you didn't, well... shame on you!

If you don't know about TRUTH yet, then you've either 1) been living under a large rock OR 2) just created a SL account. Truth makes wonderful hair. I have so much Truth hair, it should be criminal. In fact, I should soon dedicate an entire entry to my Truth hairstyles.

Also, I love the "blank denium corset"I'm wearing. I found it by accident. I was shopping at \Remy/, my new favorite place, and I happened to look across the "street." There, I found this wonderful corset along with maybe two others. I picked this one because, well, it has Marilyn Monroe's face on it! DUH!

A demain!

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