TOP: Shirley Mesh Sweater in Blue / Gold (Baiastice)
BOTTOMS: Sorry Mom Jeans in Dark Wash (TokiDoki)
SHOES: Anais Boots in Copper (ALEIDA)
EARRINGS: of the 2009 AG Double Pearl Set (Only 20L! Buy here).
HAIR: Nina in Sin [Blacks] (Exile)
EYES: Natural Mesh Eyes in Dark Brown (Izzie's)
BAG: Lang Suede Satchel in Light Brown [FTLO Millennium Hunt] (PRISS)


I fought the mesh trend for so long. I don't despise change, but after I'd read a post on the Phoenix Viewer blog about possible issues, I was very hesitant to try anything mesh. Then, you could always find me highly (and very vocally) resistant to making the change.

But then the promise of NO MORE PRIM SKIRTS persuaded me to think again. I just downright hate prim skirts. Shorts with "fabric" in front of them? Ugh. When my and others' avies move, the legs stretch and warp the texture of the prim. Ew!

After I tried my first mesh item, which was the Yippie hair from Lelutka, the rest was history! I'm a total meshwhore (or meshy whore?) now. I actually prefer mesh over non-mesh items, for the detail and for the simplicity. (Many mesh items, such as dresses, are one piece with no need for multiple clothing layers). 

Don't get me wrong; there are some GREAT non-mesh items, as you've seen. (For instance - and disclaimer; this may be a very premature estimation - I tried Truth's first mesh hair, Janey, and I'm more a fan of their non-mesh hair). But, for the most part, I'm a meshy whore! 

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