17 days ago, I wrote an entry with this same title, "Depart." But I decided not to publish it because I've been torn about and hesitant to own it. Instead, I published seven more entries on top of it, I guess, sorta ignoring what was obviously staring me down.

That entry was about saying farewell to blogging and SL in general. I've not made it secret that I am in a tough financial spot. Money isn't everything, as they say, but its absence sure makes life difficult. I've been unemployed for over six months, and I am losing everything. I have already lost health insurance, something I had for probably five or six years straight, and thus, something I really hate that I've lost. If my car is repossessed, I couldn't get back and forth to work, if I was lucky enough to find a job. Thus, I have to do SOMETHING to stop that from happening. My phone service has been suspended, and my unemployment benefits have been expended. Thus, if a hiring manager attempted to call me right now to arrange a job interview, it would not be a good outcome. Need phone service ... which requires money ... which requires job ... which requires phone service (to set up interview). It's really unfortunate, and I'd be bald from yanking out my hair if I had less restraint.

This situation takes a toll on my relationship, my happiness and my ability to do anything other than fret nonstop. Thus, blogging is just not something I can do at the time. I figure that I should dedicate the energy and effort that I put into SL fashion blogging, into the job search. More than that, my will is depleted and I'm hardly able to enjoy the things I once did.

I hate to detail the situation so... graphically. My story is no different from that of anyone else who has been unemployed in the long term. I'm definitely not special, so I'm hoping it doesn't come off as "waaaahhh poor me." I just mean to be honest about why I can't do this anymore, or at least for a good while.

To the few readers, I appreciate you and your readership very, very much. In fact, I'm pretty sure, if not for you (and my love of fashion and what I did), that draft would have been published when I wrote it on October 26th. Believe me, as evidenced by my 17-day hesitation, this is not something I really want. However, I'm relieved by the fact that 1) it can't get much worse, thus I hope to be back someday and 2) you've got TONS of excellent blogs to read, some of which are to the right. I've really enjoyed blogging and hope you all have the time of your [second] lives.

I'm planning to stay online for a few more days just to tie up loose ends and everything. But it's "au revoir." after that. Thank you all very much.


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